Earth Looks greenYgrey to the Core

Being in space and looking at things from a distant objective overview kind of way does have its benefits, providing a cooler view of matters on ‘the only one of the eight planets in our solar system not named after a Roman god or goddess; ‘Earth’ is from an ‘old English word, “ertha” which means ground or land.’ (fact 2 in an article I’ll later reference for you!). Why, I noticed this morning that Earth has a greenygrey outer surface/atmosphere and a golden core like my Y (greenYgrey); although remembering that 70% of its surface is ocean, and it is also therefore known as the blue planet.

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Golden Planet

Moreover, a 10 interesting facts about the Earth article on MSN (fact 1) said that:’If you collected the gold in the Earth’s core, you could cover the entire surface of the planet in 1.5 feet of the mineral. It would be golden!’

My middle Y is therefore similar to Earth gold in that only some of it has risen above the greenygrey ground. Y has assured the rest of us letters that it doesn’t have any more hidden depths, and will not completely cover us (reassuring, as fact 7 says the Earth’s core is as hot as the surface of the sun!). It is therefore not similar to Earth gold in that way. Earth gold seems more like icebergs in that way, reminding me of Marc Latham’s Folding Mirror poem, Sea Below Sea, featured in his second collection of poetry:

of the
is all you see,
the growth that shows
from the block supporting me
ships sailing past lifetime memory

what is above is, not what is below

old melted chunks long forgotten
desired water not yet frozen
you look for reality
in a misty sea,
who is

Dr. Marc Latham, the Chav Philosopher, possibly Blighty’s best value and poorest doctor of philosophy, books available on Amazon:

Guns N’ Roses UYI 3 Dedicated to Me, gYg?… oh, Catch-22, Better Clarify that’s Self-Parody!

Icke-inspired new greenYgreyism, building on previous greats, such as Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (Nirvana Kurt Cobain fans, should be interested in #2 on goodreads): Just because David Icke is right and wrong about some things doesn’t mean he’s right and wrong about everything.

Moreover, just because I criticise him, or include him in my humour doesn’t mean I don’t listen to him and value his opinion. I think everybody should be allowed to voice their opinion, and to criticise, as long as they are not inciting violence and hatred.

While I find more to criticise Donald Trump than to agree with, I related to what he said the other day about ‘fake news’ and taking his parody humour out of its context, and making out he really means everything he says.

That’s why the current media world is ‘beyond parody’… and I’m happier in space!

I thought I heard something familiar on the space sound vibrations:

Dr. Marc Latham, the Chav Philosopher, possibly Blighty’s best value and poorest doctor of philosophy: on Amazon:

P.S. Happy (better clarify in a self-parody way: role model, non-sexual) 70th Birthday to Arnie, an inspiration for over 30 years, and cameo star of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity: still probably the best book this century!!!

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Is David Icke Channelling this Website; and NASA Unexplained U.F.O.s

Since I’m (the greenYgrey you know and Love, the mixed-up vole) now in deep space I’ve been taking a bigger interest in the universe, from a recently on Earth angle, such as watching NASA’s Unexplained Files (next episode in U.K. on Quest tonight, Saturday, at 9pm).

David Icke Latest

UFOs and conspiracy theories can all look convincing at first viewing, but as I worked closely with Dr. Marc Latham on Earth, I know that you should always try to research it further, and take other sources into consideration. Most UFOs and conspiracies can then be debunked, but some remain unexplained. Whether they are true (aliens or conspiracies) or just beyond our current knowledge is the next (greenYgrey) question.

Although I learnt a lot on Earth, that knowledge only created more questions. Questions I knew at the end would be outside my understanding on the planet.

I think that’s where the value of David Icke diminishes. I think he has asked a lot of good questions, many with a similar outlook to me; such as thinking outside the box, looking to our mammalian selves (represented by lion for him, wolf for me), resisting technological control (although we both use it a lot!), and hoping for an awakening in this epoch (however, I will put it down to technology and evolutionary education as much as space vibrations [unprovable, but possible] if it does happen).

As David Icke and others put forward their ‘theories’ strongly, they sell lots more books than me, as I just say I don’t ‘greenYgrey’ know, in line with the great Socrates 2,500 years ago saying the wisest are those who admit they know little. Graham Hancock, whose book Magicians of the Gods I enjoyed, has also been accused of this; as well as proposing the truth is being hidden from the masses, and hoping for an age of Aquarius that could have started in the 1960s, and according to him has until 2040 to form.

Current theories about multiverses and the billions of stars in each of the billions of galaxies in our known universe just shows how correct Socrates was; unless it’s all a conspiracy to prove him right, despite his philosophy being sidelined by Middle-Eastern monotheism for most of the time since.

David Icke gYgPOP Picture Story

I don’t know David Icke, and don’t know of him knowing about this website. Although I find a lot of his theories fascinating and many quite convincing, I have also watched Chris White’s David Icke Debunked on YouTube and read articles such as David Livingstone’s on Conspiracy School that provide balance.

They say that Icke originally used the ideas and theories of early twentieth-century free thinker Alice A. Bailey, who is considered inspirational to both the New Age and New World Order. Icke has since been accused of really being a NWO ‘double-agent’.

Therefore, I remain greenYgrey (in space), and probably too realistic and Socratic to sell many books. Here’s a little gYgPOP picture story taken from my David Icke viewing this morning:

The original greenygrey was enlightened by the rising of its Yellow middle Y:

This began in the second of the trilogy, Werewolf of Oz, which was a parody of the Wizard of Oz in sunny Australia:

The middle Y rose like a plant reaching up to the sun, and then symbolised the sun, completing the greenYgrey best description of the most common Blighty landscape colours in one word (to me anyway, but I may be acting like Icke there, in making a big claim for my personal theory!):

The lecture about why Icke thinks the ‘system’ is collapsing starts with a background image of two grey paths either side of a greenY field and twilight time horizon, all with some of the strongest greenYgrey natural landscape connotations possible:

The shift’s colours are very PinkyOrangePurple, reflecting the POPolution that emerged in the greenYgrey trilogy’s last book: XaW Files: Beyond Humanity:

Ironically, there was also a great example of a POP twilight time at Mount Shasta in the Theosophical Sources of David Icke’s Reptilian Theory article:

For more greenYgrey writing, but no great greenYgrey meaning of everything claims:

Marc Latham on Amazon:

Helping make Jeffrey P. Bezos the richest person in the world!

Brian Cox Space Entropy, Website Hacking and Failing Signal

I remember from one of Brian Cox’s space astronomy documentaries how he believes entropy is a very important physics phenomenon: that the universe is a big mix of formation and dispersal, as the building blocks of stars and planets, which are the same on Earth as in the rest of the universe, mould together and blow apart (I even remembered it more than his great greenYgreying!):

Website Hacking

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I recently found out a cheap merchandise website was using the name and had taken over at least one of my links on this website; trying to cash in on the good greenYgrey name!

They are advertising 2016 fashion, so hopefully that means you all know it was fake, and that I only try and sell quality books written by moi!

Signal Will Fade

High-fashion greenYgreyliens with their fingers firmly pressed on the fur of the gyrating greenYgrey pulse will know my w(h)ereabouts now, and like the space-ships sent by humans to investigate the solar system and beyond, my signal will slowly fade, and this website will fall into evermore entropy.

Earth as a pale blue dot from deep space… somewhere!

I will continue trying to contact you (great greenYgreyliens) for as long as possible…

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Surfing Serotonin Specks, Sleep Space ‘Scape… Landscape Escape

Dear AAW, greenYgreyliens and POPolutionaries,

Had a nice flight, settling in well, weather’s lovely, lots of sun, no hell below us, above us only peace, great views, seeing lots of stars, the world really does seem like my oyster up here!

When I have a moment, I remember the sky from Earth (but peace above is nicer!), a lot of the nature and life, scenic extravaganzas and sacred epiphanies… and AAWl of you of course, with Love… the mixed-up vole.

W.Y.W.H., POPgYg

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from

Blog post inspired by story this morning.