Earth Looks greenYgrey to the Core

Being in space and looking at things from a distant objective overview kind of way does have its benefits, providing a cooler view of matters on ‘the only one of the eight planets in our solar system not named after a Roman god or goddess; ‘Earth’ is from an ‘old English word, “ertha” which means ground or land.’ (fact 2 in an article I’ll later reference for you!). Why, I noticed this morning that Earth has a greenygrey outer surface/atmosphere and a golden core like my Y (greenYgrey); although remembering that 70% of its surface is ocean, and it is also therefore known as the blue planet.

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Golden Planet

Moreover, a 10 interesting facts about the Earth article on MSN (fact 1) said that:’If you collected the gold in the Earth’s core, you could cover the entire surface of the planet in 1.5 feet of the mineral. It would be golden!’

My middle Y is therefore similar to Earth gold in that only some of it has risen above the greenygrey ground. Y has assured the rest of us letters that it doesn’t have any more hidden depths, and will not completely cover us (reassuring, as fact 7 says the Earth’s core is as hot as the surface of the sun!). It is therefore not similar to Earth gold in that way. Earth gold seems more like icebergs in that way, reminding me of Marc Latham’s Folding Mirror poem, Sea Below Sea, featured in his second collection of poetry:

of the
is all you see,
the growth that shows
from the block supporting me
ships sailing past lifetime memory

what is above is, not what is below

old melted chunks long forgotten
desired water not yet frozen
you look for reality
in a misty sea,
who is

Dr. Marc Latham, the Chav Philosopher, possibly Blighty’s best value and poorest doctor of philosophy, books available on Amazon:


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