Palenque: UFO Space Ship or World Tree?

As seen in this video the inscription found in the Palenque Mayan temple has been explained with a great greenYgrey theory of it being a spaceship, hundreds of years ago, by conspiracy writers.

However, as I’ve just made my own way up into space; well, last year actually, as readers of my terrific trilogy will know; the more rational explanation in this video seems more likely… despite the greenYgreyness of the depicted spaceship:

The World Tree is a universal theme in many cultures around the world, and was a central theme in the 2006 movie The Fountain.

The rising of the greenYgrey middle Y has tree connotations, that became apparent during the epic classic XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, which in its most grandiose ambitions, aimed for the majestic intricacy of films like The Fountain, exploring the mysteries of the world and universe, while keeping one foot on the ground; kind of like programmes such as NASA’s Unexplained Files showing UFO footage and having a variety of conspiracy and rational explanations, leaving the viewer to form their own opinion.

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