Doctor of Philosophy Invades Science Earthquake Theory, to Attack Superstition and Put Forward new Sub-Doc-Sci Conceptual Term with Poetry

Having an agnostic view of the world (humanity does not have the capability to know its origins and place in creation, and probably never will) with neo-pagan leanings (trying to protect the natural world we live in and respecting all life as much as possible, which is what a creator god would surely want for its creations anyway!) has meant that Middle-Eastern monotheists (the colonisers, colonised, and colonised colonisers) try and blame the greenYgrey for stuff, such as creating the greenYgrey weather I grew out of in dear ol’ Blighty.

Why, they’ve probably been blaming me for stuff the last 18 months, when I’ve been in space all the time!

If the weather has got worse in the last decade (skies more grey) it’s more likely to be because of climate change, with predictions of warmer wetter summers one of the early theories I remember, before the greenygrey world formed.

As I’ve written before, the people most likely to blame natural events on religion are often the same ones who don’t want to do anything to counter climate change and protect the planet: putting superstition before science because it suits their agenda.

While there’s always been, and likely always will be, natural born monotheists (referencing the movie Natural Born Killers, not that all monotheists are killers, and some are much nicer in some ways than some old-skool pagans who sacrificed things, although ritual killing is still a part of some monotheism) who grow up being conditioned to believe that, the current world situation has meant that people who should be free-thinking rationalists, such as militant youth who don’t watch T.V. because they think it’s all brainwashing (conspiracy theorists etc), are also likely to be what I, in the name of coffilosophy, call sub-doc-sci (sub-documentary-science), meaning that they are more likely to believe in the new man-made relative of superstition (conspiracy – like kissing cousins), rather than science.

As an agnostic, I don’t discount all possibilities of the supernatural, believing like Socrates 2500 years ago that there is more that we don’t know than we know. I thought living in space would answer a lot of my questions, but it’s just opened up more!

While I am sub-science in most scientific fields, I have been growing my knowledge of some science fields through documentaries in the past decade, having learnt most of what I needed to know about humans as I was growing up… my mind certainly seemed to have had enough of humanity when I awoke with amnesia in British Columbia before starting my first epic ramble (which wasn’t that epic compared to my later ones around Australia and Europe) across North America.

Is the God of Theory
Punishing Me
or is it Simply
Coffilosophy Poetry
much later invoking memory
of opening 2 Bohemian Rhapsody
‘Is this the real life
or is it just fantasy…’

Anyway, I have digressed, or rambled in more common greenYgrey terminology. I was going to make one short sharp point to disprove the theory that I am responsible for all humanity’s problems, and will now make it.

One of the first lessons of the deductive research theory I learnt and left, is that ‘Deductive reasoning links premises with conclusions. If all premises are true, the terms are clear, and the rules of deductive logic are followed, then the conclusion reached is necessarily true.’ (Wikipedia).

I made If all premises are true bold because that’s the main point: all premises have to be true, and if one is false it disproves the theory; such as:

  1. The hypotheis is that all people called Charli(e) are males.
  2. Charli XCX is a female.
  3. Not all premises are true, so the hypothesis is disproved.

If somebody made the hypothesis that the greenYgrey is responsible for all humanity’s problems I could disprove it in many ways:

  1. There were natural disasters before the time of greenYgrey, and there have been on Earth since it went to space.
  2. Moreover, there are disasters and troubles in places where the greenYgrey (me, of course) has had no experience of or has ever been (in space and on Earth!; or its familiar [bit of role reversal witchy self-parody, knowing it’s a not a good idea when trying to make a clear point; not a pointy witchy hat either!]): such as recently headline-news making events in Venezuela (political chaos), Dubai (skyscraper fire) and Kos (earthquake).

Ironically, I did recently watch a documentary (we get satellite T.V. in space of course; and much clearer, except when there’s dust storms or a passing asteroid/U.F.O!) about the science of earthquakes, where they predicted an earthquake would hit west of Izmit in Turkey, following a domino-style effect along a fault line travelling west (about 45 mins to 51 in this video) over several decades – last example in 1999, long before the greenygrey existed!

I thought that the Kos earthquake might have proved the theory, thinking it must be west of Izmit, as Greece is west of Turkey, but looking on Google Maps now it is quite a lot south of Izmit, although it is a little west, so I don’t know if it is close enough to prove the domino effect, travelling west, theory put forward in this documentary, which does predict Istanbul in particular.

So, having watched the video again more closely, I think the documentary’s featured scientific theory was not proved, and therefore neither was I at fault for the Kos earthquake, as I was not associated with it at all.

Anyway, from my knowledge of humanity, I predict that those who blame me for everything will now blame me for Kos, Dubai and Venezuela, as I’m the only one they know who writes about world events – so I’m responsible for them all – in a kill the messenger style theory!

I write this despite knowing too well about association, daring to be associated with such things, while most celebrities will only be associated with things they advertise (association theory is why advertisers use such celebrities for their products: if so and so is associated with it then it must be good/trustworthy etc).

I write that from knowledge rather than advertising criticism, and I’m open to advertising offers from products or industries I consider ethical!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one day, and I’m off to Neptune to cool down (for those of you who are sub-doc-sci for whatever reason; hopefully just too busy to watch science documentaries or not interested rather than too paranoid; it’s on the outer edge of the solar system, far away from the sun, so not too busy on the weekend!). Here’s a selfie from my last trip there:

Image result for neptune images

My books (books about me, greenYgrey) contain nothing more than great entertaining intelligent writing, written for the masses by Blighty’s best value and poorest doctor of philosophy, breaking out of all writing and societal conventions to try and be the best I can be, for myself and society, with poetry!:

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