Scorpions Star Link Across Fact and Fiction Books Spanning Decade of Writing

What could be the gravity waves or space vibrations of the world wide web reached the greenYgrey were world from the Travel 25 Years rock planet, with a part of that year’s travels being referenced in my epic classic cross-genre convention-breaking XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. This episode shows some of the complexity and scope of the book, referencing the books that have emerged from the greenygrey stable in the last decade, from the first memoir The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller through to earlier parts of XaW Files.

This was also the episode where grey left, to Return to Oz, as Mulder left Scully near the end of the X-Files series, which provided XaW Files with its structure and theme, setting up the thrilling finale a couple of chapters later.

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Chapter 7 Episode 16

As the third twilight of our three plus three debate lit the sky into the new POP art movement, making me want to Fly to the Rainbow on the Drifting Sun, an idea suddenly seemed to pop into Alexandra Popp’s head. It was the moment we’d been waiting for, the breakthrough that would provide direction, and hopefully lead me to my lost companions.

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Popp Pops the Question

‘I was just thinking,’ said Alexandra, ‘that if you emerged in Wolfsburg from Wurzburg, and you’re a werewolf, maybe Love, Lovulus and Lovus led the others to Luxembourg, although I realise that the initial letter indicator doesn’t work precisely, what with it being your species in your case, and their names rather than species in the voles’ case? Moreover, after the first two letters sound like the first two letters of Love, the third and fourth letters are ex backwards, with that now being the prefix of your original and primary travel quest, the ex-Andy Wolfhol.’

‘Thanks Alexandra,’ I said. ‘Things don’t usually work to precision in the greenYgrey world, and at least you’ve given me an L of a lead to follow. Talking of going, I think I’d better get going, or I’ll be spending another episode in Germany.’

Wind of Change to Hannover

We bade farewell, and I thanked them for taking part in a lively debate, which maintained interest throughout its time, although I can only relay the highlights here.

Facing north, I looked left to Luxembourg before lurching in that direction; looking more like Lurch from the Addams Family than a greyhound lurcher I might add. That’s probably why I stepped on a Meine in Meine, although they are both quite small of course.

Thankfully I’m not talking about an exploding mine, although Klaus Meine does have a loud impressive vocal range. I had never heard of the village of Meine, in the district of Gifhorn, but thought I’d drop in, attracted by it having the same name as Klaus; and it turned out to be just as well I did, after the initial embarrassment.

Klaus was very understanding about it, and gave me a lift to Hannover, his home town, which was on my way west. He played the Scorpions’ Worldwide Live album on the way, which is one of my all-time favourites. I told him I’d referenced a couple of Scorpions songs in the opening paragraph, and he said that was a coincidence, because our drive reminded him of one in The Guns N’ Roses Worker Traveller.

I told him I’d been planning to fit the Scorpions in, but hadn’t expected so much Meine-ier (mania) earlier! The Scorpions showed me how the Hannover Big City Nights can Rock You Like a Hurricane, before I thanked them for the Hannover Holiday, and told them I had to set off on a Lovedrive to try and find Love and the others.

Bonn Wind of WoO x 2

As I had felt like Lurch earlier I called in at Munster. I also visited Hamm, as it reminded me of a television hamster named Hammy I knew when young; I thought it might have significance for my current search, which included lovely rodents.

The last big city
before Luxembourg was Bonn
so I thought I’d drop in
knowing I’d be a long time gone.

Little did I know
how nearly half true was the last line
of the above stanza
although I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

Return to Oz

When I heard a southern wind
I thought of the Mistral at first being the last
I’d encountered this trip
but this sounded from farther away but still at full blast.

I realised then it was Beethoven
welcoming me to Bonn with one of his WoOs,
mixed with Bonzo’s bagpipes,
from Grey’s WoO epic ramble trilogy 2’s.

There was something afoot in Oz
Bonzo was calling Grey to ramble down under again,
so like Mulder left X Files for the last two series,
my greenY told my grey in Bonn bon voyage auf wiedersehen.


Fly to the Rainbow, Drifting Sun, Big City Nights, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Holiday and Lovedrive.

Beethoven was born in Bonn and had untitled pieces now called WoO: Werke ohne Opuszahl (“Works without opus number”)

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

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