Guns N’ Roses World Message

Be careful out there humans (paraphrasing Hill Street Blues), especially those of a greenYgreylien kind… be kind to those who deserve it, not those who demand it!

Being the coffilosopher who created greenYgreyology I love both the above comments, and think they are both correct and viable.
Having been a fan of Guns since the 1980s I think it’s great that they are doing as well as they are, with Axl and Slash playing together, as jmapelian writes.
However, as Ronin writes, they have become too much of a commercial band for most people’s liking – especially considering their original bad boys street rebels against capitalist exploitation image.
Like me, Guns are now middle-aged, and I think they probably think like me. We’ve taken our minds to the edge, as Van Halen sang in Runnin’ With The Devil, and once you know how far you can take it, and if you survive, then in the end you know you have to get out, as Duff, Slash and Steven’s autobiographies say; and as happened with the 1950s Beat and 1960s Hippy countercultures.
Then the rebellion/counterculture changes with the generations, starting for Guns and similar bands with Seattle Grunge killing most of them off.
Now the biggest global conflict seems to be between Western ‘capitalism’ and Islamist ‘religion’.
So, I’m not surprised if Guns are choosing to support Western ‘capitalism’, even if it’s not what they really want, but it’s the best option available.
Plus, records don’t make any money any more, because of freely available music; as is the case with writing for me.
So, c’est la vie mon Cherie
(paraphrasing Pepé Le Pew, Looney Tunes hero, and another thing I like and share about Guns; they’ve never taken themselves too seriously, even if some of their music has been seriously epic)
and try to accept it like me…
we’ve come a long long way (Fatboy Slim ‘Praise You’) from Paradise City…
together… and apart… but always somewhere in memory…
for this post has been an example of Guns-inspired coffilosophy!

Pepé Le Pew.svg


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