Sunday Followed by Sun Day in the U.S.A.

It’s a double Sunday for some parts of the U.S.A. in particular tomorrow with a full solar eclipse. I wish I could be there, but I’m still in space of course. The Sun has invited me over for the day in fact, having an excuse for some extra free time from helping create and preserve life on Earth. The moon is a great babysitter in this allegory, as most of humanity are sorry to see it leave, and be returned to their single androgynous parent.

Don’t Want Your Life and/or Wife

However, it does provide me with an opportunity to prove my critics wrong, as they’ll probably think I’m bitter and resentful about it, as they think I am about jobs and women they think they’ve stolen off me, or beat me to, when I never wanted them in the first place!

I would like to be at the eclipse totality, but still hope it’s great for the lucky humans who are there. This post is taking part in the amazing event, rather than trying to spoil it, as some people without a sense of humour seem to think parody is always negative. Like the Simpsons, most of the celebrities I’ve parodied are people I like.

Travelling to Solar Eclipse Totality

The geographical line of totality eclipse is already busy with people greenYgreying as they warm up for the main event:

Photos, stories and reports posted on Twitter reveal an eclipse traffic nightmare in Central and Eastern Oregon.  Photo: Twitter Screen Grab

Solar Eclipse Amazing 

If there is a god, or gods, solar eclipses are one of its greatest engineering feats, with the moon just the right size, and distance from the Earth, to obscure the sun from our view for a few minutes.

Pre-scientific-astronomy cultures used to create many stories to make sense of the phenomenon, but now we know how it works.

If you’re observing the eclipse, be careful how you view it, as the sun is like the invisible god of monotheism, which followed it, being both benevolent (warm life-giving and vitamin/minerals creating) and destructive (blinding and cancer-causing), and I hope you enjoy it, and have ideal weather conditions for the special sun day.

Here’s a self-parody selfie from my last visit to the sun, previously posted on accuweather:

smartphone camera

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