Too Flawed to Admit Negative Traits

Did the sun take offence
or its enemies mess?
Was it an I.T. glitch
broken electronic bits?
Hacked by censors
old or young messers?
Or my coffilosophy brainwaves
overriding automatic saves?

‘Like Atlas’ were the only two words left of this blog post after it crashed a couple of days ago with the same heading. I’d written that I’d taken the world on my shoulders during the greenYgrey years, and had just worked up a head of coffilosophy steam when it crashed. I was writing about the sun, and how it was more my friend than god. It crashed again near the end of this blog post today (twice), but I’d saved nearly all of it.

Thanks to all the people who’ve bought my books this year, and all the other positive greenYgreyliens etc. You’ve made it possible for me to live the dream… while I’m in the greenYgrey world!

Humanity: I Once Described as Calamity

On humanity, I’d written that most people are too flawed to admit their own negative traits, which of course exacerbates that negativity: preferring to go deeper into those traits than admit their faults.

Sometimes it’s not what they want, but what their situation demands, whether to do the job they do, or bring up the family they have the way they think they must.

The same people are also probably the most unlikely to recognise the possibility of my (self-proclaimed – or its comedy) genius, as they don’t know that many other geniuses weren’t intelligent in other ways, such as day-to-day matters like looking after themselves and functioning in society.

Not Weird Enough to be Genius?

In reality, I’m grounded enough to question my own genius; as I know now whether I’m the greenYgrey or some other creation. Sometimes I think I’m not ‘weird’ enough to be a genius. In an interview I remember seeing with Keith Richards he said he’d stayed up for nine days writing some of his music. I prefer ninety minutes of coffilosophy!

I saw an artist being interviewed recently and he said he could only do portraits. If he was forced to do other paintings, or another job, he would probably be considered average or unintelligent, and a bad artist.

If ‘genius footballers’ such as Messi and Ronaldo were forced to play another sport, they probably wouldn’t shine. Moreover, even in football, any amateur could pass a ball past them, or a fast person can run with the ball past them. Does that make them bad sportspeople? If they were forced to play out of position, such as in defence or in goal, they wouldn’t shine either.

I think Coffilosophy is my perfect position, where I can shine almost like the sun, dazzling with writing philosophy skills like Messi and Ronaldo going forward, given the free role without defensive duties.

Image result for i want to believe imagesImage result for i want to believe images

I Want to Believe (little genius X Files reference) that XaW Files: Beyond Humanity is my pièce de résistance, crème de la crème, magnum opus, chef d’oeuvre, and last but not least, with particular relevance for the contents of the book: tour de force.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from



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