J.K. Rowling isn’t a Boy Wizard, and I… the Sun

I’m not the greenygrey; just its creator and writer. The Greenygrey/greenYgrey friendly vegetarian sun wolf/werewolf star of my amazing new concept of fantasy travel stories created from mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia online www internet information was the living embodiment of the Greenygrey dominant British landscape I identified, later adapting it to greenYgrey because there is often some sun, even amongst clouds, or beyond high light cloud.

I then identified the dominant twilight sunrise and sunset colours as PinkyOrangePurple, inspired by the POP art theme of the last of the greenYgrey trilogy.


Choosing J.K. Rowling as the Literary Correspondent

I chose J.K. Rowling as the Greenygrey/greenYgrey world werewolf literary correspondent because her name was the best fit for a Greenygrey werewolfisation: G.G. Howling.

I watched the Harry Potter films and enjoyed them, but haven’t read the books, so they don’t mean that much to me. I’m happy for her to have that success, but don’t have any other interest in her apart from the professional.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of …

She probably had the looks to have been a ‘contender’ if we’d met in youth, but she was already a ‘middle-aged family woman’ by the time I heard of her.

It’d be great if she returned my ‘werewolfised name inclusion in book compliment’, but I don’t know if she’s even heard of the greenygrey, with the mainstream literary establishment ignoring this doctor of philosophy who’s been writing ethically and criticising the dominant patriarchal establishment for a decade.

The Lord of the Rings

The Twilight series was also popular around the time of the Greenygrey starting, and a werewolf and vampires parody comedy theme developed later, and the twilight colours emerged in importance at the end.

To conclude, J.K. Rowling is an attractive woman, and I’m happy for her success, but like the other celebrities featured on this website and in XaW Files, she just had a big literary NAME that I quickly thought a great comedy werewolf one from. I’m more of a Lord of the Rings fan, but J.R. Tolkien didn’t translate easily into werewolf!

Many people I knew were reading the above books and watching the films before I started writing the Greenygrey/greenygrey; family, uni associates and work colleagues; but only their writers had copyright, and only I wrote the greenygrey.

Some of the ‘conspiracies’ I’ve sensed feedback from the time when I had ‘werewolf correspondents’, are that people thought there was a multitude of people writing the blog and book either as them or through them.

They were all my creations, and my writing. People seem to find it hard/impossible to believe that I’m the only writer/creator of this site and book; and then if they do accept it they say it’s rubbish!

I’m a working-class student done well; the chav philosopher in a comedy self-parody way. I don’t think I’m better than higher class writers and philosophers, but think I can hold my own. I wanted to provide a different side of ‘chav culture’ to that dominating the media image, but the dominant media only seem to ‘trust’ ‘working men’ who seem middle-class to most, such as Russell Brand and Owen Jones; and who support mass immigration while ignoring the child grooming disgrace.

Some ‘working men’ only seem to want ‘their women’ to abuse themselves anyway, and ‘their country, or locality’ to destroy through everything from flytipping to hunting; waste for the sake of it to wanton animal cruelty. I can understand the builders, miners and fishermen, whose industries may be threatened, but not the office workers and university lecturers.

I agree with their conspiracy/negativity if humanity just keeps overpopulating the planet though, and expects Britain and Europe to act as a release valve for it. A 5p charge on supermarket bags is inconsequential compared to 5 million more people, many of whom don’t care about the environment, and especially the British/European one, who they blame for all their troubles anyway!

So, I’ve just gone and criticised a lot of potential readers again, which could in a positive light be interpreted as me caring more about the truth than sales, but would/will probably be portrayed negatively as me not knowing what I’m doing, or caring about those I criticise.

I’ve criticised everybody, black and white, right and left, poor and rich, blue and white collar, in true greenYgrey style. And that’s whY I think I’m probably Blighty’s best value doctor of philosophy, and maybe the best overall of my time, in a coffilosophy way anyway!?

Even when I’m the same with those who don’t believe in me; the creator/writer, either because of the way I seem (chavimbo – chav and himbo/bimbo) or the demographic I represent (white working-class males doing worst in school now apparently); remembering long-lost conversations, or making up comedy names around them or their lives, they usually just take it personally, thinking they are special to me, instead of my brain being special (needs! – bit of self-parody comedy probably needs explaining!!) in an ADHD, bipolarity, eidetic kind of way!!!

Thomas Hardy wrote that the British working-class were wasted; continued by people like John Lennon ‘Working Class Hero’ and Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’; and that’s still true today… even when they try, and succeed, like me… society just finds excuses to ignore them, belittle them, or dull their spark.

It’s Britain’s failure and humanity’s shame, not mine. I don’t live within a consciousness where women have to choose between buyers and liars or just liars… but some who don’t have to live that way choose it anyway, because it’s easier, and that’s fine with me, as long as they have choice and that’s what they choose, as long as they’re not just using and abusing the men. I am for freedom and choice, of body, mind and spirit (the theme of the second in the trilogy Werewolf of Oz!). But as I wrote in a reflection included in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, freedom isn’t something to be abused, as birds usually know not to fly too high; as Icarus flew too close to the sun…

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