Three Peaks Yorkshire Dales Pen-y-Ghent Descent

I don’t want to over-dramatise a day-trip on a moderate-sized mountain, but my feet were feeling like blocks of ice after a couple of hours walking on Pen-y-Ghent, one of the Three Peaks over 1000 feet visible to each other around the villages of Horton-in-Ribblesdale and Ribblehead. The villages are on the famous Settle to Carlisle trainline, but I boarded the train before that in Leeds.

Pen-y-Ghent Peak

It’s about an hour’s train journey, and I’d taken about an hour to ascend Pen-y-Ghent from Horton-in-Ribblesdale, as described a couple of blog posts ago. I continued to the north on the peak. I probably followed the dry-stone wall around to the east too far, but knew I had to go west somewhere, and had the other two of the ‘Three Peaks’, Ingleborough and Whernside, in that direction as landmarks.

So after a while I headed down the mountain directly to the north, and found a track above what I just found out is the River Skirfare:

There was a nice little waterfall soon after I found it:

There were some blue skies around to the east, but these photos were just before the dramatic photos to the west in the first blog post of this series.

I had a nice surprise as I walked along the west side of Pen-y-Ghent, not far from the village, as I happened upon this sight, after first hearing the force of the waterfall:

I walked around to the other side for a different view and photo scene, and got Pen-y-Ghent in the background:

I thought it might be Gaping Ghyll, as it’s the only such place I knew, but have just looked it up and seen it’s called Hull Pot; quite an amazing little place I hadn’t heard of.

I was having trouble seeing my phone’s camera menu, and think I must have altered the settings by accident. The above photos seem more monochrome than I remember, while the one below just before I headed away from Pen-y-Ghent seems more tinted:

It felt like returning from another world as I saw green fields again. Whernside is in the background.

Last year I ascended Ingleborough in the snow:

In 2012 I did the Three Peaks in beautiful spring weather:

The solo trip was during the writing of my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, and I used an image adapted from a photo taken on that trip for the front cover:


Ascending Pen-y-Ghent in Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks Snow

Cloudy when starting ascent
blue sky on Pen-y-Ghent
the ground was greenygrey
to the top all the way…

This was my first ascent of Pen-y-Ghent from the southern steep end. I ascended it from the north as the first of the Three Peaks when I did them in 2012. It was a trip in glorious spring sunshine that also produced the cover for my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections:


Five years later, I arrived in Horton-in-Ribblesdale at about noon…


Pen-y-Ghent has always reminded me of the sphinx; a crouching lion; and reading Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods afterwards I first learned that it is a common mountain shape, due to the way weather corrodes mountains.



There were a few people around on the ascent, including a group doing all three peaks. Dry stone walls provide nice lines for photos.



Some blue sky appeared on the steeper ascent.



There was ice on the ground, and now I could see for miles.



There is a bit when it is a bit of a scramble, using stone for steps.



Then it levels out again…



… to the peak. One person was arriving just after me from the west, and two were following me with two dogs the way I ascended.



There was a nice view to the east too.



I continued north, and didn’t see anybody until returning to the village (Horton-in-Ribblesdale) over five hours later.


Pokémon Go Idea Similar to greenYgrey

Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices.
Travel between the real world and the virtual world of greenYgrey with ebooks for iPhone and Android devices.

Similar ideas, different augmented reality worlds. The first sentence above is the first on the Pokémon GO site, and the second is my greenYgrey adaptation.

There are even greenYgrey characters in the Pokémon world:

Image result for pokemon images

I must admit that Pokémon GO seems more exciting than reading a book, but once you’re tired of chasing around after pokémon creatures maybe you’d like to continue travelling the google maps world with greenYgrey’s adventures in North America, Australia and Europe.

greenYgrey’s augmented reality adventures by google maps are available on Amazon, and Werewolf of Oz is currently free in July 2016 for ereaders from Smashwords.


Free Fiction and Poetry E-Books Download 2016

I’ve made my latest poetry collection 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, and the second of the greenYgrey fantasy rambles by www maps and info, a new concept for the modern digital age by a graduated Doctor of Philosophy (Britain’s best value, if not best overall), free to download in July on Smashwords, which provides a service for many e-readers, such as those provided by Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Apple.

My Sacrifice was Real, but not as Much as Soldiers etc

They represent about three years of hard thinking and editing work, finding time between working part-time and exercising for my marathons ambition. I probably would have earned about U.K. £100,000 – £150,000 / U.S. $150,000 – $225,000 more within academia.

As they’re free, I don’t have to sell them to you, but I know from my own experience, that now time is like a commodity, and you have so many options for how you spend your spare time; and if you do decide to read anything extensively, there are many, many choices too.

Those who believe the books are good, and written with good intentions are right, and those who believe the opposite are wrong. Simples! (Aleksandr Orlov – Compare the Market/Meerkat).

As the above is company/comedy blind, the following example of my comedy and mental agility is colour blind, as were (sic) supposed to be, apparently:

It also has nothing to do with gender superiority, or physical attraction. The comedy is an in-joke for the greenYgrey world, which may only be in my mind, but hopefully some great greenYgreyliens get it too, about me trying to be a good feminist with a small f.

I could have included white versions, such as Simply Red for the first, but that may have been seen as racist in a whitewashing way, by Double Negatives; or in a football way by football supporters!

In reality, it’s just comedy using the songs, and the musicians are not part of the joke. I am. For your entertainment.

Free Books

The initial reason for the decision to make them free to download is because it was suggested by Smashwords, but thinking about it, I dedicate it to a combination of the Somme remembrance; and as they are downloads, to this year’s good and nice Download attendees, including Rammstein, who have a song called Sonne, which is probably unrelated except in letters similarity; and those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. And all the great greenYgreyliens of course.

The Books

Werewolf of Oz

242 Mirror Poems and Reflections

Amber Heard not Amber Rudd

When I heard Amber Rudd going into No. 10 Downing Street yesterday I thought of this blog.

No offence to all the middle-aged women out there, but if I’m open to any relationship, I’m looking more for Amber Heard than Amber Rudd.

If I’d married an Amber Rudd when young, who still looks nice, hopefully I would love her enough to remain faithful to her.

However, now she doesn’t provide the kind of spark to provide lift-off for a loving relationship with her.

Amber Heard definitely still does, despite her troubles with Depp. Although her name sounds like herd, Amber is also very independent in mind and personality.

This is not about UK v US, but all about that little thing called mixed-up vole.

Image result for amber ruddImage result for amber heard

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.

Mirror Poem Reflection on Political and Social Spin

Reflection 49 of 121 in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections reflected Distraction in Spin Action, which was posted on in July 2011. The reflection is an explanation and update on the poem, so I include both below. The grooming scandal was the main reason for the reflection highlighting left-wing and counter-culture spin action.

Last year, after twenty years of cover-ups and inaction, the full extent of the child exploitation abuse cases under the New Labour regime were finally revealed.

Ironically, it was followed by liberal corporate publishers and the left-wing mainstream media launching and promoting the ‘new Jimmy Saville’ Russell Brand’s ‘anti-capitalist’ Revolution!

Distraction in Spin Action
the deadly bee
said the
spider to me
in the web
you can look
here now
my milked prize

Reflection 49

This poem was about how people demonise others to win popularity and distract people’s attention from their crimes, ambitions or failings.

When I started studying at university I focused my attention on how right-wing elite society did this, before the political, banking and media scandals brought it all to the surface.

But by then I had widened my scope to all of humanity, as I had seen ‘left-wing’ New Labour involved in those scandals, and the ‘counter-culture’ lying, spinning and censoring as much as those they criticised.

I used to think that the left and ‘counter-culture’ were the goodies, but now I just see them as the other side; one half of a self-perpetuating human whole that lives off competition, division, power and greed. When ‘rebels’ gain power it usually corrupts them, and they become like those they considered not fit to rule.

I saw the documentaries of Adam Curtis (All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace) between writing the poem and this book, and they seem to provide a good overview of the competition at the heart of humanity and society.

Smashwords cover

Poem Reflection about Charity and Freedom of Information

Marc Latham left university in 2005 hoping to make a difference while creating a writing career, and set up the greenYgrey website. I don’t know if it made a difference at all, but it was there, and he’s had his say. Edward Snowden said he’d already won his mission, just by releasing the information he did.

I don’t know if Snowden was right to do it, or if it has done more good than bad. I don’t have any state secret information, just my own thoughts, and some interesting experiences. Some of it pushes the boundaries of right and left, but it always tries to maintain a greenYgrey perspective.

Freedom of Information Reality Check

Marc had a similar attitude to Snowden when a student, but it has been tempered by the rise of Islamism, which is much more fascist and murderous than the ‘West’. The ‘East’ doesn’t believe in much freedom of information either. So, Marc now supports the ‘West’ more than he ever has done: not because he believes in them any more than before, but just because he doesn’t believe there’s any better viable alternative: the world isn’t going to follow Bhutan’s lead, because humanity likes power, consumerism and religions that promise redemption and rewards.

Charity is still Great

A decade a go, Marc was a staunch socialist, and charity supporter, but his enthusiasm had subsided somewhat by the time he wrote and published What’s Your Work Worth? on in April 2011. That was probably because New Labour had spent all the country’s money, and a lot of it was spent on making Britain into a breeding ground for Islamism, while covering up the grooming of children, which was probably partly funded by ‘charity money’.

Since then we’ve had the Jimmy Saville revelations, Russell Brand taking over the role, and a 92-year-old woman committing suicide because she’d given up on humanity, apparently after being hassled by charities.

Charities apparently give good salaries to those at the top, but say it is worth it. I don’t know the ins and outs, but still give to some.

Reflection 47

Who is good, and what is good, depends on the person, culture and society. There is no clear consensus, just different people with their own opinions and cultural norms.

The high pay of some charity workers and public sector employees has blurred the picture between working for good or money, and even if some people have an interest in helping a cause, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily nice people in the rest of their lives.

Smashwords cover