Too Flawed to Admit Negative Traits

Did the sun take offence
or its enemies mess?
Was it an I.T. glitch
broken electronic bits?
Hacked by censors
old or young messers?
Or my coffilosophy brainwaves
overriding automatic saves?

‘Like Atlas’ were the only two words left of this blog post after it crashed a couple of days ago with the same heading. I’d written that I’d taken the world on my shoulders during the greenYgrey years, and had just worked up a head of coffilosophy steam when it crashed. I was writing about the sun, and how it was more my friend than god. It crashed again near the end of this blog post today (twice), but I’d saved nearly all of it.

Thanks to all the people who’ve bought my books this year, and all the other positive greenYgreyliens etc. You’ve made it possible for me to live the dream… while I’m in the greenYgrey world!

Humanity: I Once Described as Calamity

On humanity, I’d written that most people are too flawed to admit their own negative traits, which of course exacerbates that negativity: preferring to go deeper into those traits than admit their faults.

Sometimes it’s not what they want, but what their situation demands, whether to do the job they do, or bring up the family they have the way they think they must.

The same people are also probably the most unlikely to recognise the possibility of my (self-proclaimed – or its comedy) genius, as they don’t know that many other geniuses weren’t intelligent in other ways, such as day-to-day matters like looking after themselves and functioning in society.

Not Weird Enough to be Genius?

In reality, I’m grounded enough to question my own genius; as I know now whether I’m the greenYgrey or some other creation. Sometimes I think I’m not ‘weird’ enough to be a genius. In an interview I remember seeing with Keith Richards he said he’d stayed up for nine days writing some of his music. I prefer ninety minutes of coffilosophy!

I saw an artist being interviewed recently and he said he could only do portraits. If he was forced to do other paintings, or another job, he would probably be considered average or unintelligent, and a bad artist.

If ‘genius footballers’ such as Messi and Ronaldo were forced to play another sport, they probably wouldn’t shine. Moreover, even in football, any amateur could pass a ball past them, or a fast person can run with the ball past them. Does that make them bad sportspeople? If they were forced to play out of position, such as in defence or in goal, they wouldn’t shine either.

I think Coffilosophy is my perfect position, where I can shine almost like the sun, dazzling with writing philosophy skills like Messi and Ronaldo going forward, given the free role without defensive duties.

Image result for i want to believe imagesImage result for i want to believe images

I Want to Believe (little genius X Files reference) that XaW Files: Beyond Humanity is my pièce de résistance, crème de la crème, magnum opus, chef d’oeuvre, and last but not least, with particular relevance for the contents of the book: tour de force.

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Scorpions Star Link Across Fact and Fiction Books Spanning Decade of Writing

What could be the gravity waves or space vibrations of the world wide web reached the greenYgrey were world from the Travel 25 Years rock planet, with a part of that year’s travels being referenced in my epic classic cross-genre convention-breaking XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. This episode shows some of the complexity and scope of the book, referencing the books that have emerged from the greenygrey stable in the last decade, from the first memoir The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller through to earlier parts of XaW Files.

This was also the episode where grey left, to Return to Oz, as Mulder left Scully near the end of the X-Files series, which provided XaW Files with its structure and theme, setting up the thrilling finale a couple of chapters later.

Image result for return to oz images

Chapter 7 Episode 16

As the third twilight of our three plus three debate lit the sky into the new POP art movement, making me want to Fly to the Rainbow on the Drifting Sun, an idea suddenly seemed to pop into Alexandra Popp’s head. It was the moment we’d been waiting for, the breakthrough that would provide direction, and hopefully lead me to my lost companions.

Image result for fly to the rainbow images

Popp Pops the Question

‘I was just thinking,’ said Alexandra, ‘that if you emerged in Wolfsburg from Wurzburg, and you’re a werewolf, maybe Love, Lovulus and Lovus led the others to Luxembourg, although I realise that the initial letter indicator doesn’t work precisely, what with it being your species in your case, and their names rather than species in the voles’ case? Moreover, after the first two letters sound like the first two letters of Love, the third and fourth letters are ex backwards, with that now being the prefix of your original and primary travel quest, the ex-Andy Wolfhol.’

‘Thanks Alexandra,’ I said. ‘Things don’t usually work to precision in the greenYgrey world, and at least you’ve given me an L of a lead to follow. Talking of going, I think I’d better get going, or I’ll be spending another episode in Germany.’

Wind of Change to Hannover

We bade farewell, and I thanked them for taking part in a lively debate, which maintained interest throughout its time, although I can only relay the highlights here.

Facing north, I looked left to Luxembourg before lurching in that direction; looking more like Lurch from the Addams Family than a greyhound lurcher I might add. That’s probably why I stepped on a Meine in Meine, although they are both quite small of course.

Thankfully I’m not talking about an exploding mine, although Klaus Meine does have a loud impressive vocal range. I had never heard of the village of Meine, in the district of Gifhorn, but thought I’d drop in, attracted by it having the same name as Klaus; and it turned out to be just as well I did, after the initial embarrassment.

Klaus was very understanding about it, and gave me a lift to Hannover, his home town, which was on my way west. He played the Scorpions’ Worldwide Live album on the way, which is one of my all-time favourites. I told him I’d referenced a couple of Scorpions songs in the opening paragraph, and he said that was a coincidence, because our drive reminded him of one in The Guns N’ Roses Worker Traveller.

I told him I’d been planning to fit the Scorpions in, but hadn’t expected so much Meine-ier (mania) earlier! The Scorpions showed me how the Hannover Big City Nights can Rock You Like a Hurricane, before I thanked them for the Hannover Holiday, and told them I had to set off on a Lovedrive to try and find Love and the others.

Bonn Wind of WoO x 2

As I had felt like Lurch earlier I called in at Munster. I also visited Hamm, as it reminded me of a television hamster named Hammy I knew when young; I thought it might have significance for my current search, which included lovely rodents.

The last big city
before Luxembourg was Bonn
so I thought I’d drop in
knowing I’d be a long time gone.

Little did I know
how nearly half true was the last line
of the above stanza
although I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

Return to Oz

When I heard a southern wind
I thought of the Mistral at first being the last
I’d encountered this trip
but this sounded from farther away but still at full blast.

I realised then it was Beethoven
welcoming me to Bonn with one of his WoOs,
mixed with Bonzo’s bagpipes,
from Grey’s WoO epic ramble trilogy 2’s.

There was something afoot in Oz
Bonzo was calling Grey to ramble down under again,
so like Mulder left X Files for the last two series,
my greenY told my grey in Bonn bon voyage auf wiedersehen.


Fly to the Rainbow, Drifting Sun, Big City Nights, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Holiday and Lovedrive.

Beethoven was born in Bonn and had untitled pieces now called WoO: Werke ohne Opuszahl (“Works without opus number”)

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Deep Mind Space Writing Inspired by Classic Mythology and Modern Fiction

Having mentioned The Fountain movie and the World Tree universal feature of Earth’s mythology/religion yesterday I thought I’d include the episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity where they were featured, starting off the second half of the last chapter.

Time for a Piece of My Mind

For new readers, the chapters (C) and episodes (E) follow the structure of the X-Files series (S) and episodes to the T;
or should that be S/C-E,
providing an opportunity,
for a little poetry,
in this time of coffilosophy
XaW Files memory!

As I wrote yesterday, I set out to reach deep into my mind, to a place I imagined movies such as The Fountain were written, and took me when I was viewing them: a zone beyond ‘reality’, transported briefly to another dimension, maybe a universal unconsciousness (remembering Jung), like searching sky space for internal inspiration: potholing on Pluto, vanishing into Venus or embracing Enceladus. Or as I wrote in the episode, in line with greenYgreyology philosophy, perhaps just regurgitating memories of the fiction you’ve known in life.

Vikings and Modern Scandinavia

This episode takes place in Iceland, and the World Tree is a big part of the Norse Sagas, and what was the Viking religion; a recent BBC documentary compendium of their coverage over the last half century said (I think it was the great modern Icelander Magnus Magnusson, who I grew up with as the question master of Mastermind, and I now know from my XaW Files research had a father called Magnus, as that’s how Icelandic names work) they never took it that seriously though, not to the point of trying to convert others, preferring to integrate into places they settled, such as modern Normandy, Russia, Britain and Ireland.

I’d just like to therefore make it clear I’m not trying to convert anybody to the Norse sagas, although I think they have as much merit as other world ‘religions’; and their legends and stories. I do think modern Scandinavia has been a leader in many social progressions, such as the environment and gender equality; with the Norse sagas perhaps having some influence, with goddesses such as Freya prevalent, and Yggdrasil the world tree of course.

The episode also features a Biblical scene, reminiscent of Adam and Eve, symbolising the crossover of world myths, legends and religions, greenYgrey hotchpotch style!

Yggdrasil of course begins with a Y, and our (greenYgrey) middle Y was on its own in this episode, which seems to help it find its inner tree empathy.

Image result for yggdrasil images

Chapter 9 Episode 11

Warmed by our reunion and mealtime merriment, Dai and Stella showed us around their farm afterwards. As well as their free range Steller’s sea cows, they had orchards growing various organic fruits.

Golden evening sunshine flew silently through tree branches and leaves, with the ripe fruit seeming to reflect my rambling mind, knowing I’d reached the second half of the last chapter.

‘You can pick them,’ said Stella.

‘I know!’ I replied.

The True Meaning is Unclear

There were probably as many ways to interpret Stella’s words as there were words spoken, but this time I thought I knew exactly what she meant.

So I reached to the sky under the sun, feeling a visceral connection to my ancestors, whoever they were, noticing were (sic) there was a double meaning again.

Epiphanies Sometime Appear, Explanations Never Do

The fruit I could just reach made me feel lucky, but when I used a branch to pull another branch within reach it seemed to trigger an epiphany moment; reward chemicals flowed on nitrogenous neurons through my space-sized mind as if finding and crossing a favourite bridge again: the bridge between a homely past and possible future.

Of course, I don’t know if my mind is really tapping into the distant past, or if its been influenced by fictional media, with the lightbulb past perhaps represented by the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the Steller’s sea cow future the seaside end scene of Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

Would I have felt the way I did picking the fruit if I had never learnt anything about humanity’s past, and theories about our prehistoric beginnings. I can never know, for I have lived amongst humans for too long, and learnt much about their ways.

Remembering my Ydentity

The Tree of Life movie memory eventually made me remember my own tree shape, passing through the tree of life in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, before returning to myself. I am the closest thing to Yggdrasil in the greenYgrey world: central to its cosmology.

I, the Y, could see across the greenYgrey spectrum when I was altogether, as Yggdrasil can see everywhere in the Norse sagas. My thoughts inspired me to notice a lone tree atop a mound. I wondered if it was a sign, and if I might be able to receive or transmit a message from green and grey.

So I left the warm orchard, full of Love and life, walked up the hill and climbed the tree to the cold top. Balancing on the highest thinnest branches I tried to stretch my arms out as far as I could.

I picked up cold winds from all directions, reaching above tree,
and those from the north, also scattered snowflakes over me,
but there was no message yet, only this nonsense poetry.


In 2001: A Space Odyssey an ape (Daniel Richter) lifts a femur bone from a skeletal pile and realizes it makes a fine weapon. (Soundtrack: “Thus Spake Zarathustra” again.) The ape realizes that it can destroy other bones with the club. Three turning points in evolution happen simultaneously: proto-humans learn to kill with weapons, to hunt using weapons and eat meat, and to walk upright.

Tree atop mound idea from:

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Brian Cox Space Entropy, Website Hacking and Failing Signal

I remember from one of Brian Cox’s space astronomy documentaries how he believes entropy is a very important physics phenomenon: that the universe is a big mix of formation and dispersal, as the building blocks of stars and planets, which are the same on Earth as in the rest of the universe, mould together and blow apart (I even remembered it more than his great greenYgreying!):

Website Hacking

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I recently found out a cheap merchandise website was using the name and had taken over at least one of my links on this website; trying to cash in on the good greenYgrey name!

They are advertising 2016 fashion, so hopefully that means you all know it was fake, and that I only try and sell quality books written by moi!

Signal Will Fade

High-fashion greenYgreyliens with their fingers firmly pressed on the fur of the gyrating greenYgrey pulse will know my w(h)ereabouts now, and like the space-ships sent by humans to investigate the solar system and beyond, my signal will slowly fade, and this website will fall into evermore entropy.

Earth as a pale blue dot from deep space… somewhere!

I will continue trying to contact you (great greenYgreyliens) for as long as possible…

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Surfing Serotonin Specks, Sleep Space ‘Scape… Landscape Escape

Dear AAW, greenYgreyliens and POPolutionaries,

Had a nice flight, settling in well, weather’s lovely, lots of sun, no hell below us, above us only peace, great views, seeing lots of stars, the world really does seem like my oyster up here!

When I have a moment, I remember the sky from Earth (but peace above is nicer!), a lot of the nature and life, scenic extravaganzas and sacred epiphanies… and AAWl of you of course, with Love… the mixed-up vole.

W.Y.W.H., POPgYg

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You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from

Blog post inspired by story this morning.

Surreal Poem Featuring Salvador Dali

As mentioned this week, Salvador Dali featured in a XaW Files epic classic surreal poem that travels from Italy to Spain on the crest of a Tyrrhenian Sea wave, including a couple of his most famous paintings, and linking it to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, Spellbound, for the end, whose format is meant to be surreally bendy. According to Wikipedia, Salvador Dalí was hired by Hitchcock ‘to conceive certain scenes in the film’s key dream sequence.’

This episode also mentions Freud, although his main part in the plot was at the start of the chapter. Dreams and the unconscious are also featured, in line with Philippa Perry’s emphasis on their importance to surrealism. The Slovenian artwork that first led to the surrealism trail is also mentioned.

The end turns convention on its head, also in line with surrealism, which often played with words, such as calling things by different names, with ‘whatnot’ taking centre stage headliner episode ending status from Dali and Hitchcock, Italy and Spain. This is in line with my Immaterialism; surrealism for the 21st century. My film knowledge is used to full effect in the references/ credits.

There is also a mention for John Steinbeck, who popularised Positano. My aim was also to paint a pretty picture of Europe, and especially the places I’ve enjoyed visiting. Maybe the book would have swayed the Brexit vote to staying in Europe if published and promoted by a big publisher, although that was not my aim, being ambivalent about it, but the ‘Remainers’ seem to be my biggest critics, and silencers of free speech, in line with Multicultural Fascism!

Chapter 6 Episode 15

What Sophia said was true
Lovus and Lovulus soon grew
running around the streets of Salerno
playing hide and seek, high and low
we used the city as a base to see
a tourist triangle known as 3P:
Paestum, Pompeii and Positano

John Steinbeck was the latter’s hero
writing it was a dream place that bit deep
while Paestum has temples that are Greek
I knew Pompeii had suffered Etna’s eruption
but didn’t know its new town lost an i in the duration
not that duration has stolen Pompeii’s second i
or Positano bites deep in a vampire way.

Italy to Spain Voyage

So it was soon time to leave the Amalfi
setting sail into the Tyrrhenian Sea
we sailed around Sardinia and Corsica
landing sometime later in Spanish L’Escala
nestling nicely in the Gulf of Roses
inland road leading to Figueres
birthplace home of Salvador Dali
surrealist painter dada extraordinary
The Persistence of Memory left me Spellbound
TPoM reminding me of Slovenian artwork I’d found

Dali’s The Persistence of Memory

Spellbound’s psychoanalytical theme returned me
to the start – of – this chapter’s Vienna journey
Freud, Alder and Frankl were still there
there was no need to return to Wikipedia
power, pleasure and meaning themes
whereas Dali’s art a sequence of dreams
alerting Alfred Hitchcock for a movie finale
I was Spellbound by its twistYtality

Image result for dali spellbound

Dali’s Spellbound

I believe tYt is a new gYg word I just invented
inspired by time contemplating the regimented
production of art and film by legends of both
using creative genius for works of worth
beautiful images with complex themes
pleasing the eyes ready for dreams
let the unconscious process plots
recover seen and forgotten whatnots
like I just did with the word above
which I’ll write was inspired by Love
Werewolfie wasn’t sure it was a word at all
until off on a web search Stella did trawl
confirming it means miscellaneous items
dated 1540 along with examples of 1500 rhymes
I’d already used plots eight lines above
so was relieved it wasn’t one I did observe
and could continue bringing this episode to an end
without crashing
over the side____
of a
Spellbound bend.



Image result for hitchcock spellbound images

Whatnot and cited rhymes:
First Known Use of whatnot: 1540.  Rhymes with whatnot:

à droite, allot, a lot, ascot, a shot, Banat, bank shot, besot, big shot, black rot, black spot, blind spot, bloodshot, bowknot, boycott, brown rot, buckshot, bullshot, cachepot, calotte, cheap shot, chip shot, crackpot, Crock-Pot, culotte, dashpot, despot, dogtrot, dovecote, draw shot, dreadnought, drop shot, drylot, dry rot, dunk shot, ear rot, earshot, ergot, eyeshot, eyespot, feedlot, fiat, firepot, fleshpot, foot rot, foul shot, fox-trot, fusspot, fylfot, garrote, gavotte, grapeshot, G-spot, gunshot, half-knot, have-not, highspot, hotchpot, hot pot, hotshot, ikat, jackpot, job lot, jog trot, jump shot, Kalat, Korat, kumquat, leaf spot, long shot, loquat, love knot, manat, marplot, moon shot, motmot, mug shot, nightspot, odd lot, one-shot, Pequot, Pol Pot, potshot, Rabat, red-hot, reef knot, ring spot, robot, root knot, root rot, sandlot, set shot, sexpot, Shabbat, Shebat, sheepcote, slap shot, slingshot, slipknot, slungshot, snapshot, soft rot, soft spot, somewhat, split shot, square knot, stinkpot, stockpot, subplot, sunspot, sweet spot, sword knot, teapot, tin-pot, topknot, tosspot, try-pot, upshot, wainscot, warm spot, white-hot, woodlot, wood shot, wrist shot

Like in movies where they add a little bit of extra information for those who stay for the credits, the punky part of the References was that Hitchcock and Dali got a line each, while whatnot got about twenty.

That was just done for comedy effect, and isn’t because we don’t like Hitchcock and Dali, or their work; as I wrote in the content, I like the art of both, and didn’t know either.

To be more precise, it was first of all done objectively and unconsciously, and then my conscious noticed how unbalanced it looked, and the irony of one little common word having much more meaning on display than two artistic greats.

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Surrealism 21c is Here Online: Immaterialism Manifested in Coffilosophy

Surrealist Manifesto (1924), defined surrealism as:

pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation.

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, 21st Century Surreal Autonomy

The above is from the Tate Gallery website, and so is this:

‘Freud’s ideas strongly influenced French poet André Breton who launched the surrealist movement in 1924 with the publication of the Manifesto of Surrealism. In the manifesto, Breton defined surrealism as
‘Pure psychic automatism … the dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason and outside all moral or aesthetic concerns’.
Breton and others produced the earliest examples of automatism in their automatic writings, aiming to write as rapidly as possible without intervening consciously to guide the hand.
Surrealist collage, putting together images clipped from magazines, product catalogues, book illustrations and other sources, was invented by Max Ernst, and was the first form of automatism in visual art.’

Freud, and the most famous surreal painter, Salvador Dali, are featured in XaW Files, but I only have a basic general knowledge of both, as I do of surrealist art. I didn’t know the writing I mostly did for XaW Files, automatism fuelled by coffee, which I termed coffilosophy linking it to my Doctor of Philosophy status, was in line with surrealism as defined by Breton; his name rings a bell at most, but I didn’t know anything about him.

I’d like to write more, but I know you can get too much of a self-proclaimed genius thing (partly self-parody comedy, playing on too much of a good thing), so I’ll leave you with a new greenYgrey3 collage of 20th century surreal art on the Tate gallery website, immaterialised here into automatic Surreal Art for the 21st century: (I had a new automatic idea while searching for the images, creating a new form of surrealism 21c Immaterialism: can you guess what it is? Explained below the new collage)

Frida Kahlo The Love-Embrace of the UniverseLeonora Carrington The Pomps of the Subsoil 1947André Breton, ‘I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des Noëttes (Poem object)’ 1942

The images are:

Frida Kahlo: The Love-Embrace of the Universe, 1949
Leonora Carrington: The Pomps of the Subsoil, 1947
Max Ernst: I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des des Noëttes (Poem object), 1942

They were the first three greenYgrey relevant images I found. At first I thought of just doing a horizontal triptych greenYgrey3 as usual, but then, perhaps unconsciously inspired by reading about pyramids in Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods (as well as shamanic receivers of information from other dimensions of reality), I thought this structure suited the collage, with Ernst one of those who provided the foundation for other artists in the surrealist movement (the image also features the name Jack, with Kerouac my main writing inspiration, although he wasn’t published at the time, so it was just a coincidence).

Moreover, the images seem to suit the genre and tell a story, rising from modern civilisation to a higher natural dream state through the next two images above the base layer. I hope you enjoy it, and think that it was worth learning, as I did.
P.S. I only noticed the upper two images were chronological from the base; 1942 – 1947 – 1949; after publishing it. It wouldn’t have made much difference, as I chose them thematically, but it’s a nice extra addition.

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