Spring Fashion: Hiking Top of the POPs

I sometimes felt like I was back in the 1970s this weekend, with some Abba and Grease nostalgia, but I knew I was definitely in 2017 today, as I’ve been checking out the Stella McCartney website. I was inspired by yesterday’s fashion at Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

Royal Conspiracy or Parody; Don’t Know, Between You and Me!

It worryingly included our parody comedy arch-vampire of the tennis world, Roger Federer, mentioned for the first time in a long while on this site last week, who seems a very nice man in reality!?; but no arch-werewolf Rafa Nadal. Is it a sign of a David Icke-style world run by lizards conspiracy? Or my parody of conspiracy theories? I don’t know; maybe a little between the two, greenYgrey style!

I’m including it as comedy, although a little bit of me does wonder about the whos and whys of the guests. I also wonder if Meghan Markle is a part of the Multicultural Fascism trend I’ve seen over the last twenty years. I’m not saying that she’s not worthy of Harry, just that it’s a coincidence that she’s mixed race, after William married a ‘commoner’.

I don’t think the relationships were totally arranged, but the princes could have been pointed in those directions, with a choice of women from them, as a way to preserve a modernised royal family, after it seemed on its way out in the 1990s.

It could also be their personalities as far as I know, perhaps most influenced by Diana, with Harry always very rebellious. The princes have both done great jobs in their roles, and seem nice chaps, and can do no more than that. I wish them all well.

Princess Lottie Lotta Wisdom

While Princess Kate is undoubtedly great, and also first in line to our queen, Kate Moss, our newest princess, KM’s half-sister, Lottie, spoke a lotta (reminding me of 60s AAW Cilla…and then Lulu and Twiggy… followed by Diana Rigg!)…

Image result for cilla imagesImage result for lulu imagesImage result for twiggy imagesImage result for diana rigg images

… wisdom this week, when she said she’s not totally happy with her body, and we should love our imperfections.

Writing on a Thin greenYgrey Line
(referencing Terrence Malick’s epic reality and horrors of war narrated through a soldier’s thoughts, juxtaposed with inspirational beautiful nature, The Thin Red Line)

Some people may think I’m promoting the opposite with my AAW (Adult Angelic Waifs) emphasis, but I was seeing a lot of such women bullied, and today I saw a story about a girl who committed suicide because of similar bullying (for her looks and being accused of being into witchcraft for liking Harry Potter!).

I support them from a personal level because they are my favourite female shape; but also because they are often the most victimised and vulnerable; either from bigger stronger women, or because bigger stronger women have turned men against all women.

I don’t believe women who are waifish are necessarily angelic either, and don’t think anybody is totally. I’m just trying to empower them, while suggesting they behave as angelically as possible, such as respecting others as much as possible, while not needing to accommodate others to be liked, such as when being groomed.

Stella McCartney Fashion

Stella McCartney is my favourite fashionista, mostly because of her animal welfare work, continuing a family tradition; the Linda McCartney foods website now has a nice greenYgrey look, and the POPolution is still going strong on Stella’s fashion website. Stella was of course the main inspiration for the greenYgrey’s fashionista suprema, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, and one of the stars of epic werewolves satirical parody wordplay comedy XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

I must say, I’m more interested in veggie sausages, mozzarella burgers and cheese/leek plaits than clothes really, but was particularly impressed by Stellasport’s spring hiking range, which included images of POP (PinkyOrangePurple) gear in retro greenygrey and modern high (relating to photo) fashion greenYgrey:


I hope you can afford some Stella fashion, but if not, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to have clothes you think reflect your personality, but it’s more important to have a personality you think reflects your mind.

Melania Trump Forgets Fur for Fashion

When I saw stories on MSN wondering Y? Melania Trump stopped wearing fur followed shortly by this great greenygrey Guardians of the Galaxy image I put one and one together and thought it could have something to do with Rocket Raccoon.

Pamela Anderson Animal Welfare

However, the news seems more straightforward human, as Melania Trump has become friends with Pamela Anderson, who is an animal welfare supporter. Melania has shown you don’t need fur to look good since becoming the ‘First Lady’.

When I complimented her sky blue inauguration outfit I was just being aesthetic, but now it seems to have taken on a greater resonance; hopefully it played a little part in Melania ditching fur?!

Being greenYgrey Great

Remembering poorer women who would love those outfits, I will add that you don’t need fur to look great, but money helps.

That’s me being nice to poorer women rather than being critical of Melania, who just uses the money she has available to buy the best outfits, which is expected of her position.

Here’s three of her best furless outfits since taking office:

Image result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump inauguration photos

P.S. Ivanka is still the greenYgrey world First Lady though!

Lottie Moss Has Got The Lot: 10/10 to the Letter

The greenYgrey world is still a hive of activity today after the shock announcement of a third princess. Royal correspondents had grown accustomed to the idea of a Kate dynasty, with Princess Kate, the first in line, taking over from Queen Kate Moss. However, now with the arrival of KM’s half-sister on the scene, royal correspondents have to consider the possibility that it could be a Moss dynasty rather than a Kate one.

Lot More to Lottie Moss than Looks

I think were (sic) going to be hearing a lot more about Lottie Moss in the future; reminding me of a Meatloaf album title I saw and liked recently, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be; but for now we’ve just got some more comedy wordplay.

There’s a saying in the greenYgrey world that goes something like, Behind every successful model there’s a greenYgrey, and that certainly rings true for Lottie Moss:

Image result for lottie moss imagesImage result for lottie moss imagesImage result for lottie moss images

Lottie Moss greenYgrey Credentials

While it’s obvious that Lottie Moss has 10/10 greenYgrey world princess looks, only probably the most eagle-eyed greenYgreyliens of the most experienced comedy wordplay kind will have noticed that her name has a nice greenYgrey ring to it, and even ten letters like the greenYgrey.

Luckily for you, our royal scribes have studied Lottie’s name for you, and here bring you their findings. While the ie ending to the forename and four-letter surname, combining to 10 letters, provide a great greenYgrey sound, there the exact similarities end, with Lottie Moss having a four vowels and six consonants name to the greenYgrey’s three-seven. Moreover, Lottie Moss and greenYgrey only share one letter, an e.

This has been a greenYgrey parody comedy production. For much more of the same, see our hat-trick book of the year, 2015, 2016 and 2017:

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Should Our Queen Abdicate?

Be were (sic): This blog may contain royal family and celebrity models parody comedy.

Royal family histories are known for their intrigue, often involving parents and siblings. Our Queen, Kate Moss, already has two princesses, Princess Kate and Deserving Princesshood Cressida, and now Queen Kate’s half-sister Lottie seems ready to throw her hat into the ring; or should that be mitten…

Image result for MITTEN IMAGES

… with current beau Alex Mytton seeming to send a clear greenYgrey message in this image:

Wildlife is Free: fourYfive Forget Fur For New Readymade Art

Wildlife is Free is a simple slogan, but I Googled it, and didn’t find it, so am showcasing it here, with four images I just saw on a MSN News story, creatively crafted into a greenYgrey-relevant readYmade to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain artwork, which is considered the most important twentieth century creation by many aficionados.

Wildlife is Free Double Meaning

Wildlife is Free works as a double meaning, as much surreal art consists of juxtaposing different items or ideas:

  1. Animals living in the wild are free
  2. Animals living in the wild are free for humans to see

While some animal welfare activists don’t want any animals to be in ‘human captivity’, I take a more greenYgrey attitude to it, thinking that in the current global situation for animals some are better off protected in captivity, and that they act as ambassadors for future generations, as I recently heard them described in a wildlife park.

Anyway that’s enough written art, and here’s some artistic images carefully crafted into a great new greenYgrey readymade:

Slide 7 of 25: Alicia SilverstoneSlide 11 of 25: Christian SerratosSlide 25 of 25: In this photo released Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009, by The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, shows Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez and his wife October posing nude for an animal rights ad campaign.
Slide 18 of 25: Kelly Brook

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Valentine Love 20: London Fashion Show POP Front Page

It seems incredible that were (sic) just over a year into the POP (PinkyOrangePop) age, as it’s already most fashionable amongst the most fashionable. The Times front page led on a paramount POP setting from the London Fashion Show this morning:

Ethical Clothes, Avoiding Fur

I was delighted to read that Stella McCartney (chief inspiration for legendary greenYgrey world fashionista suprema and XaW Files star, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno), Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are not using fur in their fashion, after signing a petition against the use of fur on Change.org.

Please don’t buy fur because I don’t like it, as it’s not me that suffers the poor conditions and probably pain of death. I don’t know if fur I see is faux or real, and presume it’s the former.

Visiting the humanYstella world, I was delighted to see a retro greenYgrey love headline intro:


Don’t worry POPolutionaries, Stella hasn’t forgotten about POP:


Balanced Debating, greenYgrey Style

I know that I’m being fussy in a way, because I like furry animals more than those that provide leather, although I haven’t bought leather for years either, buying my last pair of shoes at Vegetarian Shoes.

If rabbits are dying for meat then I suppose you might as well use the fur, although I’d rather they weren’t used for either, but when it comes to larger animals, such as foxes, wolves and lynx that aren’t eaten, being kept only for fur production, I’m definitely totally against it.

For a fashionable ethical balanced fiction fantasy, visit the XaW world with the greenYgrey world’s motley crew of creatures, and trendy Stella:

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Valentine Love 15: Comedy Wordplay Coincidence

I was thinking about Valentine’s Day yesterday, as you probably guessed; well, all month really, in a parody comedy way. Yesterday, I really thought about comedy wordplay for the first time.

Val in Tyne-and-Wear?

Is there a Val in Tyne-and-Wear reading? If there is, then I thought of you yesterday… or your name and location anyway. That’s because Valentine can loosely be dissected into Val in Tyne… while Wear wordplays with the Were theme of the greenYgrey.

The greenYgrey was originally just a wolf, with the were theme added for the Werewolf of Oz second of the landmark trilogy first ever travel questing by web maps, such as Google.

Apart from the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper attendees my favourite greenYgreying AAW from the north-east is Lilly the Stripper, who starred in a documentary about strippers three years ago… about the same time Love the mixed-up vole was born in the greenYgrey world!

Apart from her beauty, she really did impress with her femininity, intelligence and pride in her work, appearance and life – ambition. I hope she achieved her glamour model dream.

That doesn’t mean I think her vocation is ideal, and I don’t recommend it to any impressionable people, as I’ve heard it can be cut-throat, cynical and problematic. I have just as much respect for somebody working in a minimum wage job, as I do myself!

Volentine: Other Side of greenYgrey

On second thoughts, after Val-in-Tyne, I remembered our Love, how it’s a vole, and then thought it is only an o-a different to the first four letters of Vale-ntine. So I looked up volentine, and the search just brought up Erin Volentine, who is a great greenYgreying AAW in a different way to Lilly.

Erin Volentine promotes healthy eating on YouTube, Google+ and other social media websites. Here she is gYgPOPing in one of many videos including green, yellow, grey and PinkyOrangePurple:


You could say Lilly and Erin represent the grey and green of greenYgrey!.. if you’re thinking in a self-proclaimed genius kind of way!! Lilly is more my background, while Erin is more my current life philosophy.

Please don’t ask me to choose who I like best, Erin or Lilly. It’s like asking the greenYgrey Y to choose between its green and grey!.. or Love the mixed-up vole to descend from its higher form!!

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You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from Smashwords.com
50 Ideas for you to change your life today. You are the boss of your own HAPPINESS!