MUSE Months to Spring Equinox and Duchamp Anniversary Readymade

After declaring January 21st the greenYgrey world’s winter solstice, a month after that of the northern hemisphere, in XaW Files and on this blog last week, we are now in the greenYgrey MUSE two months. That acronym stands for Midwinter Until Spring Equinox.

The muse is also a writer’s inspiration, inspired by ‘Greek Mythology : Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science..’ If I’d seen that earlier I could have named each of the nine XaW Files chapters after Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

It was this time last year that the new X-Files series started by the way, with news of that driving me forward to finish XaW Files beforehand, after I started writing it before hearing news of a new television series of a franchise that had been dormant for fourteen years. 

Equinox and Solstice in Human Reality

The spring equinox is around March 21st in the northern hemisphere, and is when there is an equal amount of light and dark, caused by the tilt of our planet as it circles the sun.

In the human world, the days continue becoming lighter in the northern hemisphere until midsummer around June 21st. Then they start getting darker again to midwinter on or around December 21st, with the autumn equinox around September 21st.

A-musing Acronym History of the U.S.A.

While XaW Files focuses on anagrams, the first book of the greenYgrey trilogy travelled across North America by acronym: creating acronyms out of the states and territories.

It was the pioneering start to the fantasy fiction by web maps travel writing genre, that reached the classic epic with XaW Files‘s X-Files parody travel quest for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol; and where we also found Marcel Duchamp, revolutionary artist and founder of readymades.

It was this century’s Yellowism movement that inspired the discovery, and here’s another greenYgrey readYmade to celebrate 100 years since Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain readymade. It was a yellowing of the original Greenygrey logo I did when Yellowism emerged, and before I’d discovered Duchamp’s readymades:

I’d forgotten about it until now, so thanks to all the great greenYgreyliens out there for inspiring me to write this post and discover another gem from the greenYgrey archives.

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Double-Negatives Quintet Use for Positive Classic Epic Writing

While I don’t want any negativity in my life, the Double-Negatives have been useful in at least three (became five soon after!) ways during my decade-long writing career centred here in the greenYgrey world. As the arrival of Yellowism in the art world raised the level of the Greenygrey middle y, the Double-Negatives in my life have:

  1. Furthered my understanding of humanity.
  2. Provided ideas for negative characters.
  3. Made me want to mature and be independent.
  4. Made isolating myself to write easier.
  5. By rising above them I score Nietzschian Superman points.

Knowing the Double-Negatives’ egotistical narcissism, they will probably now claim they deserve reward for their negativity, and any positivity I have engineered from it.

Rebuilding the Personality and Psyche II

That’d be a bit like the bombers of a city wanting thanks when the city is rebuilt, and is more modern and functional than the one the bombs damaged.

I didn’t ask to be in any of their lives, and our meetings were either by chance or arranged by someone else. I was happy to spend time with most of them until I felt they saw our relationship was one of their benevolence in spending time with me, and my desperation to be a part of their lives.

I’ve been living an independent life for most or all of it, since I can remember anyway. While I usually enjoy time with humanity, if I spend too much time with them, I feel I need to spend time alone, and vice-versa. I think this is balanced, but some people seem to feel the need to be with humanity all the time.

The First Lightning Strike

If I have a fault in my personality it’s that I don’t care enough about humanity, or want to be a part or dependent on them enough: maybe that was influenced by childhood trauma I don’t remember? So when people think I’m desperate to be a part of their lives, even after avoiding them for years, it is like a big insult to how I view myself, the child I was who survived early loss, and a big mistake on their part: either because they weren’t intelligent enough to understand me, or because they view themselves too highly, thinking I must want to be spending time with their scintillating personalities.

Please do mark me down for not caring enough about you if you’ve been a friend, or being a love ’em and leave ’em love-rat (rather than a lovely anagram star Love the mixed-up vole) with women in the past (perhaps influenced by the ADHD brain I think I have, where long relationships seem daunting), before my 13 years of celibacy dedication, but you only do yourself a disservice and get it badly wrong if you think I particularly need you.

My attitude used to be that there’s always another beautiful woman around the corner. Since I started trying to be ethical and honest the corner is a very long one, but I’m not going to cut the corner and look for a short-cut. Supermen keep on going to the end…

Do I deserve bad luck karma in my love life? Probably, but no more than most men. I’ve probably loved and left more than the average, but I think I’ve been more honest and loved/liked them more while with them, judging on most of my ex-friends’ boy talk and faithfulness.

POP – greenYgrey3 is Me and My Third Personality?

Those who know or have known me who think they are a big influence or part of the greenygrey probably don’t realise it’s all about me, and my search for my own philosophy.

Now, as I reach the end of another blog post, not knowing where it was going at the start, fuelled by a couple of mugs of coffee, I suddenly think that the greenYgrey3 could refer to me being on my third personality, after two big lightning strikes during my life probably bringing big changes in my brain, mind and attitude.

After a decade of greenYgrey, and a year after the end of the trilogy, these thoughts have just dawned on me – showing the value of continued research in the exciting new academic field of greenYgreyology!

Double-negatives will probably see double negativity in this blog, either jumping on my admission of using women, or considering it a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy.

It’s neither. Like the rest of my writing over the last decade, and bands like Guns N’ Roses, The Pretty Reckless and Rammstein; or writers like Jack Kerouac, Paul Beatty and Karl Ove Knausgaard; or artists like Marcel Duchamp, Tracy Emin and Andy Warhol; I’m analysing myself and using myself as an example of human thinking, to challenge and further humanity, society and civilisation.


Here’s a greenYgrey readYmade celebrating the centennial anniversary of Duchamp’s toilet to fountain landmark work called Janus 3-A2C to highlight philosophy’s origins in Greek/Roman philosopher/religion, after I saw the two-sided Roman god Janus in the movie The Tourist recently, and a search for images of it brought up a couple of women called Janus in greenYgrey images (you can find out who they are by doing the same search):

Image result for janus imagesImage result for janus imagesImage result for janus images


I write this because it’s what I’m most interested in, what I’ve been trained in, what I know most about, what work that gives me the most pleasure (mixing knowledge, research, writing and artistic creation) and what I think society should most be interested in about me.

I also hope to help those who are most at risk from men; who can be a good thing in the world, but are often also the most dangerous; nice women, children and animals.

I find it hard to imagine a world without me and men (or returning to letter wordplay, men without me, as it would be reduced to just an n), but when I can conceive of such a world, I think in many ways for most life (God’s creations if there is one) it would be much better.

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Boredom Inspires Conceptual Idea Evolution Comedy

Warning: this blog post contains subtle self-parody… as well as some nice thoughtful writing… as Steel Panther can combine funny parody with quality music… Tommy Cooper could do self-parody and magic… and Ian Hislop knows satire and politics…

Evolution of a Conceptual Idea

The greenYgrey evolution took an unexpected twist this morning on gmail, beginning a new branch in its tree of life. After amassing gargantuan amounts of great greenYgreys in my early social media days, they’d reduced to a trickle of intermittent ones; that was due to my boredom, rather than a lack of new material.

Then I saw a photo this morning of a three-lamped streetlight, with green trees behind it, and blue sky above. I thought, and then wrote:

‘If the street light was yellow, and only had the two outside lamps, and the sky was grey… it’d be a great greenygrey!’

It was a new kind of gmail greenYgreyism: a ‘what if’, rather than a ‘what a’.

Moreover, it had been born not of necessity, but boredom… and the desire to create something different… not planned… not premeditated… spontaneously… upon seeing that photo… only that photo… but I’m sure there will be many more… now the new branch has been created…


Mysterious Mind of Mine

Last night, out of nowhere, when watching television, I suddenly thought I’d used moral instead of morale in yesterday’s post. It’s the second time in a week that has happened. In Faster Running in a Month I wrote 2 x 3 km first; then, hours later, when I was returning home with the shopping, I suddenly thought I’d made that mistake. I don’t know if there are any other mistakes in the last week’s blog posts.

How the Writing Mind Works

I can’t prove that’s what happened, unless you’re watching me write this, when seeing me go straight into the blogs and correct the two mistakes cited above should convince you. It doesn’t make me out to be a great writer, or journalist; maybe many wouldn’t have made those mistakes at all; it’s just an aside about the way my mind works: the positives and the negatives, as I’ve been trying to write about since creating the greenYgrey.

I suppose it’s similar to people wondering if they locked the doors when leaving the house, or if they turned something off before leaving. I think usually those thoughts are thankfully wrong, but my two writing thoughts about errors this week have been 100% right.

As well as trying to understand myself; in the Nietzsche documentary recently discussed here, one of his greatest assets was said to be his self-knowledge; my main inspiration has been those in the 1960s counter-culture, such as Timothy Leary, who hoped to lead humanity to a better society, through understanding themselves, and controlling their negative traits. I don’t have much hope for humanity left though, but still persevere with my writing at the moment.

Maybe my disillusionment is because I have now aged beyond my own youthful wonder with the world, and look on it with tired old eyes. Maybe the world looks just as hopeful to the younger generation as it did to me in the 1980s, when it was also a very bleak time, with mass unemployment and social discord.

Exploring the Mind

I’ve tried to open my mind up to you as much as possible, from drawing a self-portrait of it at the end of my PhD, to detailing how I was thinking while writing XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. I think it should be a groundbreaking book in the understanding of the writer mind; my kind of writer mind anyway. Polite society seems to have other interests; such as marketing Russell Brand’s pathetic in-time-for-Christmas-sales-window-bookshelves Revolution! And they still wonder why we have the society we have!!

I’ve been writing these recent blog posts as stream of consciousness, with some inspiration or mental planning beforehand. I haven’t taken notes watching the documentaries and films, and have probably missed some great greenYgrey bits, only remembering the Y relevance of Ypres and Wipers Times at the end of writing yesterday’s blog.

That’s because of time: how much time I think these blogs should be, considering I have other work to do, and how much interest they seem to garner. Having said that, I have spent quite a lot of time on it; especially as I’d set out to tell you how I made Theresa May the new U.K. Prime Minister… in a real true connection way… but with some self-parody, as you’d hopefully now expect from the greenygrey!

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My Alphas and Me: Mindy in Kick-Ass 2

The way I see my relationship with most of my group alphas who’ve tried to control me, and take credit for everything I have done and achieved, particularly my writing, was summed up in a cheerleader audition scene in Kick-Ass 2 I watched last week:

Help as Long as Below

Some of them have been helpful, like Claudia-Lee is, but if they think you’re a threat to their position or popularity, and self-identity as the worthy pack leader, they then try and put you down, as C-L does to Mindy, playing a sadistic practical joke on her to put her back in her place.

I’m writing about my writing here, because that’s what I think I’m quite good at, like Mindy is at cheerleading. Other people might be better at other things, or maybe they’re just from a ‘higher class’, so they have tried to use me for their own image; all my positives are because of them, while all their negatives are because of me!

That’s one of the reasons I gave up my uni friends during the writing of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, but then they stalked me into my day-job workplace, and got the people there thinking they were big influences! Nice male non-Leeds-natives graduates acting like a stereotypical street gang… followed by Dastardly and Muttley in work!

Groups, cliques and communities are almost unavoidable in human society, and a lot of the time they provide more positives than negatives. The leader who organises everything might be narcissist, but you want to go the party, so it’s worth putting up with the egos.

Most people just use the alphas as much as they are used anyway. Like the students who are the best rebel hippies in university, and then become the best materialist middle-class consumers straight afterwards. If you want to be successful in life that’s the way to live, but it’s a bit like always choosing the most successful sports teams to support: being a winner without any substance.

Humanity Pros and Cons

However, some get caught up in it, and have no exit strategy, such as the work-debt cycle, or gangs-drugs downward spiral.

As I’ve said before, I can’t tell you how to live your life. I can only advise from experience, and show from other media.

While I may seem strong writing this, and brave or stupid featuring that movie clip, I think I have often compromised or weakened myself during my life to play the game. Sometimes it was probably the right decision, sometimes maybe it wasn’t, greenYgrey style.

Maybe I still am doing, keeping the greenYgrey low-profile and not pushing it enough. Or maybe it’s time for a Mindy to take over, and I won’t be acting like Claudia-Lee, as long as it’s done earnestly.

I’m not trying to be a street superhero either, just a Doctor of Philosophy brewing his coffilosophy.

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Not the Best Jew since Jesus: Latham of Leeds

For all those who heard that Dr. Marc Latham hates Leeds, they were either lied to or misguided by the misguided, as myths have a habit of distorting and escalating over time.

I’m sorry if I upset any Christians or Jewish people with the blog title, and I don’t know of any Jewishishness in my blood, but I know there’s been none in my life, with the Japanese war cry Tora! Tora! meaning more to me than the Torah, as I was reading comics like Battle and Action rather than religious books in my childhood.

Even if I was Jewish, Einstein was probably better than me… so far anyway!

I was a Christian then, but never believed in it much, although I liked the stories and films. My land was pagan before the Christians arrived, but so was everywhere in the world before some religions started invading others, as Islam is mostly doing now.

Jersey Boy Northerner – greenYgrey

Being born in Jersey, I never felt that Welsh, where I grew up. Maybe it was the parents splitting up before the move; maybe it was that I preferred football to rugby, or maybe it was because I liked animals from an early age, and didn’t like the farming and hunting around town. If I’d grown up in the more mining-orientated south-east of Wales I  might have related more to it. Ironically, Wales seems to have become more environmentally-focussed recently.

Marc started supporting Leeds United in 1970, during the golden era. He recently saw this period cited as a goldilocks period for Leeds fans, with the majority of non-Leeds fans of Leeds United aged between 45-55, on the Leeds Away Days documentary on the Made in Leeds channel.

So he identified more with England, but not the south of his birth, more the working-class north he saw on television in programmes like Kes, Boys from the Blackstuff, Auf Weidershen Pet, sitcoms (although Only Fools and Horses was his favourite) and soap operas. This was probably because Wales was similarly working-class, but didn’t have as much media representation.

Jersey of England, Latham of Leeds

I didn’t know my name’s association with West Yorkshire when I decided to move to Leeds in 1995. It was only later I found out that the name derives from the area:

Latham Name Meaning
English: habitational name from any of the various places in northern England named with the dative plural form (used originally after a preposition) of Old Norse hlaða ‘barn’ (dative plural hloðum, i.e. ‘at the barns’), as for example Latham in West Yorkshire, Lathom in Lancashire, and Laytham in East Yorkshire.
Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
Unfortunately, most proud Leeds and Yorkshire people don’t know about the Latham place name, as it has now disappeared. So I haven’t received a prodigal son returning home welcome like a Mac might do returning to Scotland. 
Because I think you might think I’m trying to beg preferential treatment, I would just like to add that I can take or leave Leeds, Yorkshire and the north now, after the initial excitement and euphoria has worn off.
Leeds is generally a nice city with lots of nature nearby, and most of the landmarks and amenities you need, and particularly some fine ales, not that I partake much any more! It really needs a Premier League football team again though.
The troubles of LUFC have been partially mediated by the nice and spacious Yorkshire countryside and coast, thankfully preserved by two national parks. 
Wales also has lots of nice spacious countryside, but I was more interested in avoiding it then, thinking my townie identity more important. Leeds and Yorkshire has inspired my writing and creative spark, which is probably partly to do with its landscapes, and partly to do with me graduating from university here, and the rich vein of English writing and poetry history in the region.
And for those of you who think I’m just writing the above for personal interests and gain, no I’m not going out this weekend – and yes, staying in is partly because of the Negatives who think such things.
And yes, I would like you to buy or borrow my books from places like Amazon, so I can become a full-time writer, because I think I deserve it after a decade of hard work and innovative creation… but so do a lot of poorly paid writers… compared to musicians who can live off the royalties of one Christmas song!

Countdown Letters and Numbers Expert Guests

Hi, it’s Wachel Wiley-Coyote, foxy WereWolf letters and numbers expert on Countdown to the Full Moon. My esteemed colleague, Susie Dentinfang, has asked me to guest for her today, as she is still recovering from Laurelgate, and would prefer to remain in the background researching.


Acmecious (Photo credit: Chicago Man)

Advantages of Analysing Yourself

Today, we’re analysing the Greenygrey; which we’re pretty sure we know, and will be the first to do; therefore avoiding any double meanings, and bypassing the need for a peer review.

On Countdown to the Full Moon I’m the Queen of numbers and letters, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to take a close look at the construction of the Greenygrey.

Groundbreaking Greenygrey Research Shock Finding

With all the references to GG on Greenygrey blogs my hypothesis before beginning my research was that G would be the most common letter in the Greenygrey.


G (Photo credit: chrisinplymouth)

I was therefore shocked and thrilled at the end of my quantitative research to find that E is in fact the most common letter in Greenygrey.

E occurs three times in the Greenygrey, while there are only two Gs; although they are of course prominently placed. There are also two Rs and Ys. One N completes the Greenygrey.

Consonants and Vowels 

With E being the most common letter in the Greenygrey you might think that there are more vowels (a,e,i, o, u) than consonants (the other 21 letters).

However, E is in fact the only vowel. That means there are only three vowels, and seven consonants.

The Tree of Vowels Sculpture, Tuileries Garden...

The Tree of Vowels Sculpture, Tuileries Gardens – Paris. (Photo credit: Jim Linwood)

Letter Prominence Number Values

E is the most common letter in the Greenygrey, and is also the highest scoring if the letters are awarded values according to their placing in the word: i.e. if the first letter (G) is awarded 10 points, and the last letter (Y) 1.

With 55 points to play for, E gets 17 points for a third place (8), fourth (7) and ninth (2).

G gets 14 points for a first place (10) and seventh (4).

R gets 12 for a second (9) and eighth (3).

Y gets 6 points for sixth (5) and tenth (1); the same as N for its fifth place (6).

So, the only surprise in these prominence results after the quantitative research is that N equals Y despite having only one inclusion in the Greenygrey; whereas Y has two.

E3 2012

E3 2012 (Photo credit: Chase N.)

Conclusion: Time for Greenygrey Rebranding?

My main finding was that E seems a more important letter to the Greenygrey than G. That leads me to question whether GG, or G2, should be rebranded as EEE or E3?

That decision is thankfully outside my area of expertise, and my mission will finish when I deliver my results to the Greenygrey and You.

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