British Countryside Photo puts gYgPOPing on Times Front Page

The original big background conceptual theme of the Greenygrey was to define the dominant colours of the British countryside, in light-hearted self-parody response to Bill Bryson’s book Tales from a Small Island, which I know was meant in a nice friendly colloquial way, and I totally support Bryson’s attempts to keep the countryside clean; he seemed to care more about the British countryside than those people, some of whom claim to be proud locals, who don’t do anything for their environment.

Political Correctness Gone Mad

However, I still think it was ‘politically incorrect’ because Bryson is American, which is much bigger. Although Blighty seems small compared to the U.S.A. it is in fact in the top ten biggest islands; ninth in the world and biggest in Europe according to Wikipedia.

Although I do think Bryson’s title could have been much better, it was mostly a parody of political correctness, which was bad then, and has only got worse since. Anyway enough of that, and on to the main reason for this blog: a natural greenygrey PinkyOrangePurple gYgPOP photo making The Times front page today, as shown on the BBC papers page:

The Times front page

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Civil War Breaks out in Cotswolds

One of the reasons I’ve tried not to take the Greenygrey/greenYgrey too seriously is that it might lead to conflict and war, as in most other real groups/religions. That seems to have happened in the Cotswolds though, as traditional Greenygreyliens seem to have risen up and attacked a symbol of fashionable new greenYgrey.

The Real Story

I half thought the media and a lot of people were playing a greenYgrey April Fool’s joke on me when I saw the story, but it does seem to be a real one, as it’s in today’s paper! They don’t mention the greenYgrey, but it was indeed because a local didn’t like a yellow car spoiling the traditional scenery in Bilbury, which is very green and grey.

A yellow car, owned by a local, Peter Maddox, was vandalised, and then lots of yellow cars have driven there to support the yellow car driver.

Our green and grey have called for calm, and yellow thanks everybody for their support!! Here’s some images:

The village with only yellow flowers representing the Y of greenYgrey:

Tempers were calmed last month when the retired dentist who owned the bright yellow Vauxhall replaced it with a grey version

The yellow car in the village:

When photos of his car went viral, Mr Maddox, who moved to Bibury 15 years ago after his wife passed away, said: 'I never intended to cause a problem with the yellow one'

Follow the yellow car road (reminding me of Werewolf of Oz):

Car valeter Matty Bee, 28, who organised the rally in Bilbury, said it was 'a celebration of anything yellow' as hundreds of cars drove through the village

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France Church Attack by Islamists Nothing New

British  politicians and the media, and probably the same in Europe, by the sound of it, say that the current I.S. wars are nothing to do with religion, and that Islam is peaceful. That’s obviously disingenuous, as it is to say it about Christianity.

Always Been Peace and Violence to Middle-East Monotheism

Those that say Islam is a religion of peace obviously don’t know their history. Islam is all about Mohammed and the Quran, which happened in the 7th century. The next century saw Arabs break out of their arid homeland, and violently invade land which is now Muslim, such as in north Africa and central Asia.

They also invaded Europe, taking over parts of Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal) and reaching France. The Arab Muslim Moors believed the Quran was a signal from Allah (God) that they should invade and occupy the world under an Islamic Caliphate.

Battle of Tours, 732: Allah Prophecy Defeated

However, the invading Muslim army was defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732, and eventually driven out of Iberia.

That should have ended Muslims’ belief in their divine right to rule the world, but the myth has been perpetuated through history, and some Muslims today still believe it. Those who still try and make the prophecy come true are like people who won’t accept defeat, and just try continuing the rivalry: best of 3, best of 5, best of 999…

If Islam had successfully occupied Europe, Asia and Africa they probably would have thought they ruled the world. That’s because they didn’t know about the Americas then, where great pyramid-building civilisations were worshipping their own gods without any knowledge of the Middle-Eastern god(s).

Christianity’s Bad History

I’m from a Christian background, but don’t believe in it. I didn’t take much notice in religion until the rise of Islamism, but have taken more interest since. I believe in the monotheistic one god of the Middle-East even less now:

  1. partly due to my research
  2. partly due to advances in science
  3. partly due to the behaviour of monotheists – mainly Islamists.

So why should I care if an 86-year-old priest died? I’m no fan of the catholic church generally, after their brutal conquests and inquisitions in medieval history, and  paedophile cases in the modern.

Of Gods and Men – Algeria French Connection

When I heard of the murder of Father Jacques Hamel yesterday I remembered watching the movie, Of Gods and Men, an award-winning movie that told the story of French Trappist monks beheaded by Islamists in Algeria in 1996 – the 20th anniversary was in March this year.


They had previously got on well with the local Muslim community; as most Muslims get on with French people in modern France.

It was bad enough that French Christians were killed in that way in Algeria. Now, twenty years later, a cowardly childish man has slit the throat of a French Christian in France. One of many attacks since France helped Muslims in the Balkans, and the west helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the mostly non-religious Russians during the 1980s – after recently writing I’d been warning about this for 17 years I remembered I’d actually warned that the west would regret helping religious extremists back then, when I was a godless socialist follower of old Labour.!

X Files for Animals: Humanity the Alien Bigfoot

An image illustrating how a dolphin can "see" a human swimmer using echolocation (Sonic Age/PA)

Alien or Yeti?

This weird looking creature isn’t either an alien or yeti, although it is the former to marine life, being a human swimmer as seen by dolphin echolocation. It was reported on Yahoo News.

I think the first photo should be good for understanding sharks too, and why they attack, with most on surf boards thought to be because they mistake them for seals. I think the best part of the article is at the end, including:

Jim McDonough said: ” The dolphin has had around 50 million years to evolve its echolocation sense whereas marine biologists have studied the physiology of cetaceans for only around five decades and I have worked with John Stuart Reid for barely five years. Even so, our recent success has left us all speechless. We now think it is safe to speculate that dolphins may employ a ‘sono-pictorial’ form of language, a language of pictures that they share with each other. If that proves to be true an exciting future lies ahead for inter-species communications.”

Humanity the Invader and Destroyer

While animal attacks on humans are always tragic, and I have the utmost respect for those who sail the seas, risking their lives in the most challenging environment on Earth, I think it’s important to remember that we are the invaders and destroyers of the Earth’s oceans, and hope that humanity can find a way to stop emptying and polluting the seas.

Paris United Nations Climate Talks 2015

Hopefully the Paris climate conference taking place now can bring some new and lasting initiatives for saving our planet. I think they’ve made a great start with their greenYgrey logo! Thanks UN and Paris, and good luck…

2015 Climate Conference.svg

New Words of the Year 2014 by Collins Dictionary

After missing out on the Oxford Dictionary again this year it was double disappointment for the greenYgrey this week after we also missed out on the Collins Dictionary words of the year.

Words of the Year

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, satirical comedy word correspondent at the greenYgrey and Countdown to the Full Moon inspired by legendary word expert on Countdown Susie Dent.

The Telegraph reported the Collins Dictionary top five words/phrases of the year are bakeoff, tinder, devo max, normcore and photobomb. The latter was the word of the year.

There was a small consolation for greenygrey not being the word of the year, or even in the top five, when it was the chief colour composition of the most famous photobomb of the year, featuring Princess Kate the Great’s grandmother-in-law:

Commonwealth Games 2014: Day one live

Oldest Word

The Telegraph was interested and earnest enough to give backgrounds to the words, and I had mixed emotions (now I know how Love feels!: Love is our resident mixed-up vole for new readers) when I read that Vogue had only introduced normcore to its readers this year, whereas our greenygrey dates back to at least 2006, and this website has been live since January 2008.

Hopefully we’ll be more in vogue with our in-house fashion correspondents, although Paco Wolfsang is currently wolfmanning the fashion denhouse as a skeleton crew, with Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno reported to be in Europe according to a recent XaW File.

Cow Dressing World Record and Marine Sculpture

The greenygrey loved virtually travelling around Australia learning lots of new place names, and the cultures they inspired in the communities, told in the Werewolf of Oz book.

Cover of "Guinness: World Records 2009 (G...

Cover via Amazon

So I was thrilled to read that Cowaramup, also known as Cowtown, has broken the Guiness World Record for people dressing up as cows.

Cow Dressing World Record

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, back with another news round-up, inspired by Wolf Blitzer.

1,352 participants not only dressed as cows, but got in some great greenYgreying along the way too, as shown in these photos show:


You can vote for Cowaramup‘s world record to be the record of the week, and read lots of Cowtown wordplay in the comments on the Guiness World Records site.

Marine Sculpture

In other news, over the other side of the planet, and within the water world, British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created a statue measuring five metres and weighing 60 tonnes and sunk it onto the sea bed off the Bahamas.

The sculpture’s head is artistically placed just below the surface, creating a great greenYgrey effect, as seen on the video on Yahoo News.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Britain from Air and World Record Wedding Crazy Train

Love is in air
Love winds around
when weather’s fair
lights sea and ground

I don’t think I can match Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams’s luscious link wordplay from yesterday’s sporting blog, which I think matched the best pass and movement football from recent years… but I’ll have a go…

Blighty Alrighty under Lighty

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, GGN (greenYgrey News) intrepid newshound correspondent inspired by CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer. Blighty sure can look lovelylighty on a sunny day, and that’s true from the air too.

Love can look like a mixed-up vole too, and especially our Love… because it is a mixed-up vole. Even though it isn’t in the greenYgrey world now, we still seem to be able to feel the love everywhere, as if its (Love) song is still carousing life in our world, like in the Lion King world, which also contains loadsa luscious greenYgrey:

Back to Blighty

This first photo from the Huffington Post website shows Blighty in glorious greenygrey, with green grass framed by grey looking sea lit up by sunshine.


In this second photo, taken at night, we can see the value of the greenYgrey rebranding, as grey and yellow take over the colour combination, and green gets some well-earned rest.

Переглянути зображення у Твіттері

Above the earth at night, grey keeps the Terminator twilight zone visible, with sunlight creating day on the other side of the world.

The Terminator is of course greenYgrey from the right angle:

Wedding Dress Train Creates World Record

Back on terra firma, Jing Mei and Ye Yuan created a new world record with a three-mile-long train for their wedding, as reported on the mje magazine website. Of course, they also created some great greenYgrey scenery in the process, as shown in these glorious photos:

Jing Meiwed1

Jing Meiwed4

Love Werewolf of Oz Classic Story

As you might have guessed from the above video, the bridal train reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, which reminded me of the Werewolf of Oz’s classic Kerang-Kerrang time-travel extended journey through decades of rock, inspired by the Terminator movies; linking well with the twilight zone images above.

As if the Ozzy Crazy Train link wasn’t a fitting enough fantastic finale, I’ve also linked the Terminator – that’s two effortless links from the same section of just one of the greenYgrey rambles books – Derren Brown eat your heart out! – felt a Peep Show influence there.

Here’s the end of the grunge music compilation making of the Terminator/Frankenstein-inspired Grunginator and end of the Ozzy discography episode that leaves on a Crazy Train:

‘Recovering from the scare, I took the opportunity to grill Dizzy some more, asking what the grungementalists had to do with our current predicament. He explained that they were led by a technological genius named Frank Grungenstein. Grungenstein supplied constant espressos in a secret coffee house, so his team worked all hours blending a Pearl Jam with a Percolator. On the tenth attempt they perfected the Instant Prosecutor Ten.
I was already amazed, but there was more.
Dizzy said the IP10 was made Alive with electricity, and because it had an amazingly Even Flow it was nicknamed Jeremy. Its scientific name was the Grunginator. They sent it back to 1980s Kerang-Kerrang to destroy trash metal, in the belief that the 1990s would then be a better decade for Cobain and them, and grunge would remain strong.
It all made sense now.’

‘Ozzy looked certain to reach Angry’s dog and snatch it away to a cold dog’s life in Blizzardy Ozz, until Elle stuck out a leg and tripped him up. A Crazy Train was passing through town on the way to the 1990s, and Elle quickly threw Ozzy on board. I thought it was a great use of her body.
Ozzy seemed impressed as well, and shouted to Elle that it wasn’t too late to join him. Elle responded with a ‘No thanks!’ This prompted Ozzy to sing Goodbye to Romance. I felt sorry for him then, but he seemed to have recovered before disappearing from earshot, as the last thing I heard him sing was, No More Tears.’

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.