Youth Movie Inspired New Age and Life Poetic Philosophy

Return Journey

When I was young,
each awakening
was like a new life,
each sleep a little death.
Now, each awakening
loses a little more energy,
while each sleep,
I feel reborn.

Inspired by Youth movie ‘telescope scene’ philosophy.

Age of Enlightenment

While I like to think
I may be enlightened
returning to how
I think I once felt
now I’m left behind
heading right forward…

Image result for life crossroads images

… some people have
always been,
but some who
start off that way,
end up bitter,
like some
are born,
whether its because
of normal life
or more
they encounter
they open
to attack
I don’t know.

These have been examples of greenYgreyology philosophy, with probably not enough caffeine in my bloodstream to class them as coffilosophy. This book is full of such words within a thrilling parody comedy storyline:

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Golden Night for Golden Women at London 2017 World Championships

After yesterday blogging that it was a shame Karsten Warholm wasn’t a woman who looked like Gemma Atkinson, there was an American dream 1-2 in the women’s 3000 metres steeplechase last night, as very golden Emma Coburn took gold, and quite golden Courtney Frerichs took silver.

Timing a Coincidence

Marc Latham of course did his third marathon in the U.S.A., but the Americans are always winning golds, so it’s stretching the legacy joke a bit thin to claim it’s his legacy. The timing was quite a coincidence though, and the greenYgrey had never heard of Coburn and Frerichs before.

Coburn knows all about the greenYgrey though, having already successfully gYgPOPed (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple) in Rio 2016, the greenYgrey legacy games, after London 2012 was the greenYgrey games:

Image result for emma coburn photos

Dafne Schippers and Darya Klishina: Athletics and AAW

There were other excellent golden performances last night, as Dafne Schippers took gold in the 200 metres. Dutch Dafne (two words starting with D, noticing a bit of greenYgreyesque wordplay) has put athletics before AAWsomeness, but her natural beauty is still evident underneath her big muscles.

Maybe that’s why Darya Klishina only took silver in the long jump, as she almost perfectly combined AAWsomeness with athleticism, but perhaps had too much of the former.

Her forename is five-letters starting with a D gold though, creating a greenYgrey3 hat-trick with Dutch Dafne.

Loving and Liking Women

While the above is mostly meant in jest, it does hold clues to my taste in women, although I don’t expect any of the above women to care; but women whose types aren’t included above will probably care in a NEGATIVE way!

As the difference between me loving and liking female bodies can be thin margins, like winning gold and silver (not that I’m comparing my taste to world athletics medals!), it’s the same for women’s demeanours (not demonics!).

I liked Frerichs’s exasperated look at winning silver, similar to Munch and Warholm’s Scream…

Courtney Frerichs after racing to silver in the steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

but loved the coolness of Coburn winning gold more…

Emma Coburn wins the 3000m steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

Klishina seems to have a similar mature coolness. Schippers was also cool in victory, but in a done it all before way, which she has done of course.

Marie-Josée Ta Lou won silver in the 200 metres, just missing out on gold as she did in the 100 metres, and reacted in a golden personality way in both. Ta Lou’s double disappointment was really a three, as being from the Ivory Coast she would have qualified for Team GG too, if it hadn’t been disbanded.

Image result for ta lou images

I hope making the greenYgrey website is some consolation.

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World Championships POP Sunset – Games Personal Best

The London 2017 World Championships, the POP Party Games, lived up to their PinkyOrangePurple brand last night with yet another great POP sunset, with coverage lasting from about 20.35 to 20.50 (not continuously).

This is an incredible improvement from the opening night, where coverage of the sunset only lasted about 5 minutes.

PinkyOrangePurple got even more coverage in the stadium too, providing the sparkling background to the 100 metres male runners introductions.

Can the POP perform for a third night running? The POP is feeling the pressure! I’m still the other side of Neptune of course, but am still keeping in the loop via a little bird telling me… travelling from idiom across the solar system in a carrier pigeon kind of way…

Image result for london 2017 world championships sunset photos

Deep Mind Space Writing Inspired by Classic Mythology and Modern Fiction

Having mentioned The Fountain movie and the World Tree universal feature of Earth’s mythology/religion yesterday I thought I’d include the episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity where they were featured, starting off the second half of the last chapter.

Time for a Piece of My Mind

For new readers, the chapters (C) and episodes (E) follow the structure of the X-Files series (S) and episodes to the T;
or should that be S/C-E,
providing an opportunity,
for a little poetry,
in this time of coffilosophy
XaW Files memory!

As I wrote yesterday, I set out to reach deep into my mind, to a place I imagined movies such as The Fountain were written, and took me when I was viewing them: a zone beyond ‘reality’, transported briefly to another dimension, maybe a universal unconsciousness (remembering Jung), like searching sky space for internal inspiration: potholing on Pluto, vanishing into Venus or embracing Enceladus. Or as I wrote in the episode, in line with greenYgreyology philosophy, perhaps just regurgitating memories of the fiction you’ve known in life.

Vikings and Modern Scandinavia

This episode takes place in Iceland, and the World Tree is a big part of the Norse Sagas, and what was the Viking religion; a recent BBC documentary compendium of their coverage over the last half century said (I think it was the great modern Icelander Magnus Magnusson, who I grew up with as the question master of Mastermind, and I now know from my XaW Files research had a father called Magnus, as that’s how Icelandic names work) they never took it that seriously though, not to the point of trying to convert others, preferring to integrate into places they settled, such as modern Normandy, Russia, Britain and Ireland.

I’d just like to therefore make it clear I’m not trying to convert anybody to the Norse sagas, although I think they have as much merit as other world ‘religions’; and their legends and stories. I do think modern Scandinavia has been a leader in many social progressions, such as the environment and gender equality; with the Norse sagas perhaps having some influence, with goddesses such as Freya prevalent, and Yggdrasil the world tree of course.

The episode also features a Biblical scene, reminiscent of Adam and Eve, symbolising the crossover of world myths, legends and religions, greenYgrey hotchpotch style!

Yggdrasil of course begins with a Y, and our (greenYgrey) middle Y was on its own in this episode, which seems to help it find its inner tree empathy.

Image result for yggdrasil images

Chapter 9 Episode 11

Warmed by our reunion and mealtime merriment, Dai and Stella showed us around their farm afterwards. As well as their free range Steller’s sea cows, they had orchards growing various organic fruits.

Golden evening sunshine flew silently through tree branches and leaves, with the ripe fruit seeming to reflect my rambling mind, knowing I’d reached the second half of the last chapter.

‘You can pick them,’ said Stella.

‘I know!’ I replied.

The True Meaning is Unclear

There were probably as many ways to interpret Stella’s words as there were words spoken, but this time I thought I knew exactly what she meant.

So I reached to the sky under the sun, feeling a visceral connection to my ancestors, whoever they were, noticing were (sic) there was a double meaning again.

Epiphanies Sometime Appear, Explanations Never Do

The fruit I could just reach made me feel lucky, but when I used a branch to pull another branch within reach it seemed to trigger an epiphany moment; reward chemicals flowed on nitrogenous neurons through my space-sized mind as if finding and crossing a favourite bridge again: the bridge between a homely past and possible future.

Of course, I don’t know if my mind is really tapping into the distant past, or if its been influenced by fictional media, with the lightbulb past perhaps represented by the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the Steller’s sea cow future the seaside end scene of Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

Would I have felt the way I did picking the fruit if I had never learnt anything about humanity’s past, and theories about our prehistoric beginnings. I can never know, for I have lived amongst humans for too long, and learnt much about their ways.

Remembering my Ydentity

The Tree of Life movie memory eventually made me remember my own tree shape, passing through the tree of life in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, before returning to myself. I am the closest thing to Yggdrasil in the greenYgrey world: central to its cosmology.

I, the Y, could see across the greenYgrey spectrum when I was altogether, as Yggdrasil can see everywhere in the Norse sagas. My thoughts inspired me to notice a lone tree atop a mound. I wondered if it was a sign, and if I might be able to receive or transmit a message from green and grey.

So I left the warm orchard, full of Love and life, walked up the hill and climbed the tree to the cold top. Balancing on the highest thinnest branches I tried to stretch my arms out as far as I could.

I picked up cold winds from all directions, reaching above tree,
and those from the north, also scattered snowflakes over me,
but there was no message yet, only this nonsense poetry.


In 2001: A Space Odyssey an ape (Daniel Richter) lifts a femur bone from a skeletal pile and realizes it makes a fine weapon. (Soundtrack: “Thus Spake Zarathustra” again.) The ape realizes that it can destroy other bones with the club. Three turning points in evolution happen simultaneously: proto-humans learn to kill with weapons, to hunt using weapons and eat meat, and to walk upright.

Tree atop mound idea from:

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Baftas 2017 Dominated by gYgPOP

While POP (PinkyOrangePurple) colours are now commonly found in many British television studio-based shows, as highlighted recently on this blog, this blog doesn’t have a television show all of its own. So we weren’t expecting to win an award at last night’s Baftas 2017. However, the awards plinth did seem to have a great greenYgrey design:

Screenshot (200)

Moreover, when searching Sarah Lancashire (sorry Yorkshire!) Baftas awards 2017 for the above photo, the related images have a nice gYgPOP overall design:

Screenshot (199)

Sarah Lancashire won awards for her role in Happy Valley, which reminded me of my campaign against psychopathic groomers in university, work and society; although I was just an independent writer.

I’ve known Sarah Lancashire as an actress since Coronation Street, which I watched regularly when she started in the series in 1991. I didn’t remember her character’s name, Raquel Wolstenhulme, now, just remembering her as established character Curly Watts’s partner.

Maybe that’ll sound ‘sexist’ to those who care more about literary political correctness than street and workplace grooming and exploitation.

Blondie Pop Pops into Modern POP BBC

Later with Jools Holland has received a PinkyOrangePurple (POP) (historian greenYgreyologists please note the first coloured-text POP!) studio redesign, like most of the studio-based BBC programmes I watch, and some from other channels, such as ITV‘s very relevant to this site Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule (Harry Hill inspired our werewolf television correspondent Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill). Note the presence of an old-skool greenygreyer in the foreground of this photo from a Sun article:


Blondie 39 Years Later

It’s now 39 years since Blondie pop-rocked into my life on the crest of New Wave, so it’s great to see them still playing, and creating new music. Moreover, on their recent studio appearance Miss Harry wore yellow on stage, with their third song a rousing playing of old classic Call Me.

Screenshot (197)

The studio lights were at other times golden yellow, perhaps fittingly for a Blondie interview, which also included other original members Chris Stein and Clem Burke.

Screenshot (198)

Blondie also played nicely impressive new songs Long Time and Fun off the new album Pollinator. This site was one of the first to report news of the new album in blog post, Valentine Love 3, 1/28th of the 28 days of February filled with mixed-up vole (remembering our anagram comedy wordplay)!

As usual, the other musicians on Later with Jools Holland were great, and I was particularly impressed by the performance of Future Islands vocalist and programme cover star, Samuel T. Herring, in their opening song, Cave. That is genuine admiration for an animated and passionate performance (like I remember thinking about Phil Campbell of The Temperance Movement at last year’s Download), and there’s nothing fishy about it… unlike his name (sorry Samuel), which I didn’t know at the time.

Screenshot (196)

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You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from