Am I a TiT? Parodying Paltrow Asshole Interview with Tesla and Turing

I remembered reading a Gwyneth Paltrow interview where she said her traditional-type Dad said she was becoming a bit of an asshole. I think I seem a bit of an asshole to a lot of people for blogging here. After watching a documentary about Nicola Tesla recently, and how many of his inventions weren’t accredited to him in his lifestyle, and remembering the treatment of Alan Turing after he crucially cracked the Enigma coding system during World War Two, and then invented the computer, I wondered if while most people see me as an asshole, I am more of a TiT (a Tesla into Turing, as that’s the order of their lives, and while I don’t know Turing knew of Tesla, I guess he probably did).

Making Context Clear

While this is a parody of Paltrow’s interview, I agree with her healthy eating and life attitude, which some people see as making us assholes, but let history be the judge (if humanity survives that long!).

Those obsessed with sex (and race), will probably think that as I’ve mentioned Turing it must be because of his sexuality. No, that’s irrelevant to my point, which is just that they were mistreated by the humanity of their time, and didn’t get the credit they deserved. My sexuality during the greenYgrey years has been more like Tesla’s: asexual and more interested in his work, while trying to champion gender equality, but seventy years after Tesla’s death, the story still seems to remain the same. Tesla was also eidetic (with more of a book memory than me by the sound of it), and vegetarian.

I also don’t have the scientific genius of Tesla and Turing, but think I have some genius in writing and philosophy. Most writers and philosophers probably think the same about themselves, and I’m not arguing or competing with them; I only know my brain, and that’s all I’m writing about.

I had the vision to be celibate at a time when thousands of vulnerable and impressionable girls were apparently being preyed upon within the ‘counter-culture’, but then the liberal publishers set Russell Brand up as the ‘revolutionary’ after he’d read a bit of Chomsky, looking as if he was leading more astray, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin! He’s still living off the capitalism he was supposed to be revolting against!!

The thought I had while watching the Tesla documentary was reactivated by seeing a news story about Turing’s letters being found today. I might have known that Turing’s statue would crack the gYgPOPing (greenYgreyPinkyOrangePurple) code:

Alan Turing

For original greenYgreyvolution genius; such as identifying the main twilight sky colours the sun creates as POP (PinkyOrangePurple), before they were used as the main colours in this year’s London World Championships; and still hidden by the mainstream, like Tesla into Turing during their lifetimes:

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Team GB Inspired by Team GG Memory?

On Friday I blogged that Team GB seemed to be missing the friendly rivalry of Team GG, which was disbanded because of persecution by those who can’t process parody comedy… or accept it anyway… even when it’s positive for their demographic… such as athletes winning medals! Then on Saturday, it was another golden night for Team GB.

It was reminiscent of the G derby Glory days. I saw last night on Codes and Conspiracies that G is an important symbol for Freemasons. I’m not in that secret society, so it’s an alphabetical coincidence rather than one of the other Cs.

Saturday Night Deja Vu

I, the greenYgrey, am still in space by the way, but I hitched a lift on one of the Pleiades meteors on Saturday night, and was delighted to see clear skies over Blighty and its close relatives, looking something like this greenYgrey land scene I saw on MSN:

Slide 4 of 21: Nope, not the real United Kingdom.

In 2012 there was a golden night for Team GB with Ennis, Rutherford and Farah winning gold medals, and it turned out to be another magical night in 2017; except this time it was to a POP (PinkyOrangePurple) décor, mirroring the change in the greenYgrey world; I’m not a part of any conspiracy there either, and they copied me if anything, but I don’t know if they are a-were of me!

G Derby Memory

The night on the track started off with what would have been Team GG on top, as Pearson won the women’s 100 metres hurdles wearing the green and gold of Oz, where Grey solo travelled for the second of the greenYgrey rambles trilogy. Then Edris of Ethiopia took gold from Team GB’s Farah in the men’s 5000 metres wearing green and yellow.

Then in the 4×100 metres women’s race, Team U.S.A. took gold before Team GB and former stars of Team GG, Jamaica; who didn’t seem the same without Team GG!

The same had been true for Team GB, but in the men’s 4×100 metres they produced a scintillating display of speed and style to take gold in the third fastest time ever.

That unfortunately meant that Hero the Hedgehog was knocked out of the Team GB medals, but I know it’s PinkyOrangePurple and philosophical enough to bounce back!

Oops, I must have been inspired by Hero there, because I forgot my books! Fans of Hero will probably like my books, if they are old and intelligent (comedy intelligence) enough to understand the humour; as I’m not trained in some fields enough to understand books, such as some sciences or occupations:

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Golden Night for Golden Women at London 2017 World Championships

After yesterday blogging that it was a shame Karsten Warholm wasn’t a woman who looked like Gemma Atkinson, there was an American dream 1-2 in the women’s 3000 metres steeplechase last night, as very golden Emma Coburn took gold, and quite golden Courtney Frerichs took silver.

Timing a Coincidence

Marc Latham of course did his third marathon in the U.S.A., but the Americans are always winning golds, so it’s stretching the legacy joke a bit thin to claim it’s his legacy. The timing was quite a coincidence though, and the greenYgrey had never heard of Coburn and Frerichs before.

Coburn knows all about the greenYgrey though, having already successfully gYgPOPed (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple) in Rio 2016, the greenYgrey legacy games, after London 2012 was the greenYgrey games:

Image result for emma coburn photos

Dafne Schippers and Darya Klishina: Athletics and AAW

There were other excellent golden performances last night, as Dafne Schippers took gold in the 200 metres. Dutch Dafne (two words starting with D, noticing a bit of greenYgreyesque wordplay) has put athletics before AAWsomeness, but her natural beauty is still evident underneath her big muscles.

Maybe that’s why Darya Klishina only took silver in the long jump, as she almost perfectly combined AAWsomeness with athleticism, but perhaps had too much of the former.

Her forename is five-letters starting with a D gold though, creating a greenYgrey3 hat-trick with Dutch Dafne.

Loving and Liking Women

While the above is mostly meant in jest, it does hold clues to my taste in women, although I don’t expect any of the above women to care; but women whose types aren’t included above will probably care in a NEGATIVE way!

As the difference between me loving and liking female bodies can be thin margins, like winning gold and silver (not that I’m comparing my taste to world athletics medals!), it’s the same for women’s demeanours (not demonics!).

I liked Frerichs’s exasperated look at winning silver, similar to Munch and Warholm’s Scream…

Courtney Frerichs after racing to silver in the steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

but loved the coolness of Coburn winning gold more…

Emma Coburn wins the 3000m steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

Klishina seems to have a similar mature coolness. Schippers was also cool in victory, but in a done it all before way, which she has done of course.

Marie-Josée Ta Lou won silver in the 200 metres, just missing out on gold as she did in the 100 metres, and reacted in a golden personality way in both. Ta Lou’s double disappointment was really a three, as being from the Ivory Coast she would have qualified for Team GG too, if it hadn’t been disbanded.

Image result for ta lou images

I hope making the greenYgrey website is some consolation.

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World Championships POP Sunset – Games Personal Best

The London 2017 World Championships, the POP Party Games, lived up to their PinkyOrangePurple brand last night with yet another great POP sunset, with coverage lasting from about 20.35 to 20.50 (not continuously).

This is an incredible improvement from the opening night, where coverage of the sunset only lasted about 5 minutes.

PinkyOrangePurple got even more coverage in the stadium too, providing the sparkling background to the 100 metres male runners introductions.

Can the POP perform for a third night running? The POP is feeling the pressure! I’m still the other side of Neptune of course, but am still keeping in the loop via a little bird telling me… travelling from idiom across the solar system in a carrier pigeon kind of way…

Image result for london 2017 world championships sunset photos

London World Championships 2017 POP Stars Starbust Reaches Neptune

I was relaxing on the dark side of Neptune last night when there was a starburst (non product placement advertising) of PinkyOrangePurple (POP) from the direction of Earth. I thought there must have been a superPOPova or something, but when I tuned my satellite television transmission into the Earth frequency I saw it was from the Olympic Stadium in London, where the 2017 World Championships are taking place.

I wasn’t a-were of any spectacular POPism at the games beforehand, so it was quite a surprise. I even tuned in in time to see the POP sunset, with twilight times the original inspiration for the new concept.

Hero Hedgehog and Whizbee Bee

It was being hosted by Hero the Hedgehog, in glorious POPnicolour:

Image result for london 2017 World Championships mascot photos

Whizbee the Bee had hosted the recent Paralympics in the same stadium:

Image result for london 2017 World Championships mascot photos

I’m sorry I can’t bring you any photos of humans, as Blighty is under strict Multicultural Fascism morality laws that mean certain punishments via ‘fake news’ and ‘glass ceilings career progression’ for those people of a certain ethnicity and class background who engage in parody comedy that may upset the Saudis.

Let’s forget Blighty’s free speech tradition, as universities are according to a news story today; who needs it anyway! (a little subtle disguised parody there).

The London Olympics 2012 were called the greenygrey games (before the middle Y ascended) on this website, and looks as if the World Championships 2017 are shaping up to be the POP party games.

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Palenque: UFO Space Ship or World Tree?

As seen in this video the inscription found in the Palenque Mayan temple has been explained with a great greenYgrey theory of it being a spaceship, hundreds of years ago, by conspiracy writers.

However, as I’ve just made my own way up into space; well, last year actually, as readers of my terrific trilogy will know; the more rational explanation in this video seems more likely… despite the greenYgreyness of the depicted spaceship:

The World Tree is a universal theme in many cultures around the world, and was a central theme in the 2006 movie The Fountain.

The rising of the greenYgrey middle Y has tree connotations, that became apparent during the epic classic XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, which in its most grandiose ambitions, aimed for the majestic intricacy of films like The Fountain, exploring the mysteries of the world and universe, while keeping one foot on the ground; kind of like programmes such as NASA’s Unexplained Files showing UFO footage and having a variety of conspiracy and rational explanations, leaving the viewer to form their own opinion.

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England’s Lucky Mascot (and Team GG Tennis and Formula 1)

I would have liked to avoid sport again today, but it was such a busy and successful weekend for greenYgrey related sportspeople that I feel too sporty.

England Win Football World Cup

I helped win England’s only senior cup in the first year of my life: 1965/66 season. I was still resident in St. Helier, Jersey at the time, where I was born. This is me just before the World Cup, aged 7 months:

Jersey play in the English leagues, and football players such as Matthew Le Tissier and Graeme Le Saux have represented England.

My family were/are more Welsh, and I was taken to Wales a year or so later. My only known/living grandparent moved (back?) to England and died there. My father’s side of the family all grew up in England.

I don’t care about English identity so much any more anyway, specifically because of all the child grooming that’s gone on in the country, and ignored by the majority of (powerful) people, considering myself more British/U.K.

Sunday Sport (remembering the fun old comedy wordplay newspaper!)

While I was writing yesterday’s blog, England’s U20s were winning England’s first football World Cup at any level since 1966, beating Venezuela 1-0 in the final.

Yesterday in Leeds, the Brownlee brothers dominated the ITU triathlon race, and GB triathletes took four of the top five places. Moreover, they all had surnames beginning with B, with Bowden and Bishop in 4th and 5th. It would have been really amazing if all their forenames started with G, but they didn’t. Alarza of Spain took 3rd.

The women’s race and all the other events were great too, with the weather averagely mostly dry greenYgrey. The sky cleared in the evening, while today there’s been some heavier rain showers.

Team GG’s Continued Success!

Team GG (GreenyGrey) was a bit of fun, with anybody and anything in greenygrey colours added to it. However, people began taking it seriously! Either for rivalry, looking for clues to my sporting/identity/sexuality/ interests and preferences, or blaming it for any defeats, crashes and injuries!

Rafa Nadal, who’s been called the werewolf tennis representative for a bit of fun, and folklore competition with vampire Roger Federer, stormed back to his best on his favourite surface with a resounding French Open win on the very greenygrey Roland Garros (apart from the court surface).

Then Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix in his greenygrey Mercedes Formula 1 car, with his yellow helmet added to the greenYgrey look as the greenYgrey ascended the middle Y to yellowdom from the Werewolf of Oz to XaW Files; in a trilogy beyond most of humanity (at its current state of evolution anyway; hopefully it will continue…):

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