J.K. Rowling isn’t a Boy Wizard, and I… the Sun

I’m not the greenygrey; just its creator and writer. The Greenygrey/greenYgrey friendly vegetarian sun wolf/werewolf star of my amazing new concept of fantasy travel stories created from mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia online www internet information was the living embodiment of the Greenygrey dominant British landscape I identified, later adapting it to greenYgrey because there is often some sun, even amongst clouds, or beyond high light cloud.

I then identified the dominant twilight sunrise and sunset colours as PinkyOrangePurple, inspired by the POP art theme of the last of the greenYgrey trilogy.


Choosing J.K. Rowling as the Literary Correspondent

I chose J.K. Rowling as the Greenygrey/greenYgrey world werewolf literary correspondent because her name was the best fit for a Greenygrey werewolfisation: G.G. Howling.

I watched the Harry Potter films and enjoyed them, but haven’t read the books, so they don’t mean that much to me. I’m happy for her to have that success, but don’t have any other interest in her apart from the professional.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of …

She probably had the looks to have been a ‘contender’ if we’d met in youth, but she was already a ‘middle-aged family woman’ by the time I heard of her.

It’d be great if she returned my ‘werewolfised name inclusion in book compliment’, but I don’t know if she’s even heard of the greenygrey, with the mainstream literary establishment ignoring this doctor of philosophy who’s been writing ethically and criticising the dominant patriarchal establishment for a decade.

The Lord of the Rings

The Twilight series was also popular around the time of the Greenygrey starting, and a werewolf and vampires parody comedy theme developed later, and the twilight colours emerged in importance at the end.

To conclude, J.K. Rowling is an attractive woman, and I’m happy for her success, but like the other celebrities featured on this website and in XaW Files, she just had a big literary NAME that I quickly thought a great comedy werewolf one from. I’m more of a Lord of the Rings fan, but J.R. Tolkien didn’t translate easily into werewolf!

Many people I knew were reading the above books and watching the films before I started writing the Greenygrey/greenygrey; family, uni associates and work colleagues; but only their writers had copyright, and only I wrote the greenygrey.

Some of the ‘conspiracies’ I’ve sensed feedback from the time when I had ‘werewolf correspondents’, are that people thought there was a multitude of people writing the blog and book either as them or through them.

They were all my creations, and my writing. People seem to find it hard/impossible to believe that I’m the only writer/creator of this site and book; and then if they do accept it they say it’s rubbish!

I’m a working-class student done well; the chav philosopher in a comedy self-parody way. I don’t think I’m better than higher class writers and philosophers, but think I can hold my own. I wanted to provide a different side of ‘chav culture’ to that dominating the media image, but the dominant media only seem to ‘trust’ ‘working men’ who seem middle-class to most, such as Russell Brand and Owen Jones; and who support mass immigration while ignoring the child grooming disgrace.

Some ‘working men’ only seem to want ‘their women’ to abuse themselves anyway, and ‘their country, or locality’ to destroy through everything from flytipping to hunting; waste for the sake of it to wanton animal cruelty. I can understand the builders, miners and fishermen, whose industries may be threatened, but not the office workers and university lecturers.

I agree with their conspiracy/negativity if humanity just keeps overpopulating the planet though, and expects Britain and Europe to act as a release valve for it. A 5p charge on supermarket bags is inconsequential compared to 5 million more people, many of whom don’t care about the environment, and especially the British/European one, who they blame for all their troubles anyway!

So, I’ve just gone and criticised a lot of potential readers again, which could in a positive light be interpreted as me caring more about the truth than sales, but would/will probably be portrayed negatively as me not knowing what I’m doing, or caring about those I criticise.

I’ve criticised everybody, black and white, right and left, poor and rich, blue and white collar, in true greenYgrey style. And that’s whY I think I’m probably Blighty’s best value doctor of philosophy, and maybe the best overall of my time, in a coffilosophy way anyway!?

Even when I’m the same with those who don’t believe in me; the creator/writer, either because of the way I seem (chavimbo – chav and himbo/bimbo) or the demographic I represent (white working-class males doing worst in school now apparently); remembering long-lost conversations, or making up comedy names around them or their lives, they usually just take it personally, thinking they are special to me, instead of my brain being special (needs! – bit of self-parody comedy probably needs explaining!!) in an ADHD, bipolarity, eidetic kind of way!!!

Thomas Hardy wrote that the British working-class were wasted; continued by people like John Lennon ‘Working Class Hero’ and Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’; and that’s still true today… even when they try, and succeed, like me… society just finds excuses to ignore them, belittle them, or dull their spark.

It’s Britain’s failure and humanity’s shame, not mine. I don’t live within a consciousness where women have to choose between buyers and liars or just liars… but some who don’t have to live that way choose it anyway, because it’s easier, and that’s fine with me, as long as they have choice and that’s what they choose, as long as they’re not just using and abusing the men. I am for freedom and choice, of body, mind and spirit (the theme of the second in the trilogy Werewolf of Oz!). But as I wrote in a reflection included in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, freedom isn’t something to be abused, as birds usually know not to fly too high; as Icarus flew too close to the sun…

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British Countryside Photo puts gYgPOPing on Times Front Page

The original big background conceptual theme of the Greenygrey was to define the dominant colours of the British countryside, in light-hearted self-parody response to Bill Bryson’s book Tales from a Small Island, which I know was meant in a nice friendly colloquial way, and I totally support Bryson’s attempts to keep the countryside clean; he seemed to care more about the British countryside than those people, some of whom claim to be proud locals, who don’t do anything for their environment.

Political Correctness Gone Mad

However, I still think it was ‘politically incorrect’ because Bryson is American, which is much bigger. Although Blighty seems small compared to the U.S.A. it is in fact in the top ten biggest islands; ninth in the world and biggest in Europe according to Wikipedia.

Although I do think Bryson’s title could have been much better, it was mostly a parody of political correctness, which was bad then, and has only got worse since. Anyway enough of that, and on to the main reason for this blog: a natural greenygrey PinkyOrangePurple gYgPOP photo making The Times front page today, as shown on the BBC papers page:

The Times front page

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Am I a TiT? Parodying Paltrow Asshole Interview with Tesla and Turing

I remembered reading a Gwyneth Paltrow interview where she said her traditional-type Dad said she was becoming a bit of an asshole. I think I seem a bit of an asshole to a lot of people for blogging here. After watching a documentary about Nicola Tesla recently, and how many of his inventions weren’t accredited to him in his lifestyle, and remembering the treatment of Alan Turing after he crucially cracked the Enigma coding system during World War Two, and then invented the computer, I wondered if while most people see me as an asshole, I am more of a TiT (a Tesla into Turing, as that’s the order of their lives, and while I don’t know Turing knew of Tesla, I guess he probably did).

Making Context Clear

While this is a parody of Paltrow’s interview, I agree with her healthy eating and life attitude, which some people see as making us assholes, but let history be the judge (if humanity survives that long!).

Those obsessed with sex (and race), will probably think that as I’ve mentioned Turing it must be because of his sexuality. No, that’s irrelevant to my point, which is just that they were mistreated by the humanity of their time, and didn’t get the credit they deserved. My sexuality during the greenYgrey years has been more like Tesla’s: asexual and more interested in his work, while trying to champion gender equality, but seventy years after Tesla’s death, the story still seems to remain the same. Tesla was also eidetic (with more of a book memory than me by the sound of it), and vegetarian.

I also don’t have the scientific genius of Tesla and Turing, but think I have some genius in writing and philosophy. Most writers and philosophers probably think the same about themselves, and I’m not arguing or competing with them; I only know my brain, and that’s all I’m writing about.

I had the vision to be celibate at a time when thousands of vulnerable and impressionable girls were apparently being preyed upon within the ‘counter-culture’, but then the liberal publishers set Russell Brand up as the ‘revolutionary’ after he’d read a bit of Chomsky, looking as if he was leading more astray, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin! He’s still living off the capitalism he was supposed to be revolting against!!

The thought I had while watching the Tesla documentary was reactivated by seeing a news story about Turing’s letters being found today. I might have known that Turing’s statue would crack the gYgPOPing (greenYgreyPinkyOrangePurple) code:

Alan Turing

For original greenYgreyvolution genius; such as identifying the main twilight sky colours the sun creates as POP (PinkyOrangePurple), before they were used as the main colours in this year’s London World Championships; and still hidden by the mainstream, like Tesla into Turing during their lifetimes:

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Furry Friends and Ivanka Trump

All for Animals

My mental path
to enlightenment
is humanity free
full of furry friends.

Endure, endure, endure
I know there’s no cure
Ignore, ignore, ignore
you know the score.

Hope for Humanity

Image result for ivanka trump at presidential meeting

I’ll be Ivanka’s subservient You
for alt-right; feminists too
I’d like to be your table for two
put your feet up on me, words true.

True through and through
but please buy them vegetarian
not for me, no more fur coats
I’m thinking of the stoats and goats.

Hardwood working-class back
built to carry weight, donkey ass
am I selling myself short
or just trying to be hot?

But other readers
please don’t go thinking
I’m really writing for you
not because, y’know, Catch-22.

I know Ivanka’s got a family
and this is really just a simile
as faithful as a dog
like the chinchillas of COG.

I don’t expect Ivanka to read it
and think she’s too legitimate
to be drawn into such controversy
but if she does, I may accept a bursary!

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Youth Movie Inspired New Age and Life Poetic Philosophy

Return Journey

When I was young,
each awakening
was like a new life,
each sleep a little death.
Now, each awakening
loses a little more energy,
while each sleep,
I feel reborn.

Inspired by Youth movie ‘telescope scene’ philosophy.

Age of Enlightenment

While I like to think
I may be enlightened
returning to how
I think I once felt
now I’m left behind
heading right forward…

Image result for life crossroads images

… some people have
always been,
but some who
start off that way,
end up bitter,
like some
are born,
whether its because
of normal life
or more
they encounter
they open
to attack
I don’t know.

These have been examples of greenYgreyology philosophy, with probably not enough caffeine in my bloodstream to class them as coffilosophy. This book is full of such words within a thrilling parody comedy storyline:

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Too Flawed to Admit Negative Traits

Did the sun take offence
or its enemies mess?
Was it an I.T. glitch
broken electronic bits?
Hacked by censors
old or young messers?
Or my coffilosophy brainwaves
overriding automatic saves?

‘Like Atlas’ were the only two words left of this blog post after it crashed a couple of days ago with the same heading. I’d written that I’d taken the world on my shoulders during the greenYgrey years, and had just worked up a head of coffilosophy steam when it crashed. I was writing about the sun, and how it was more my friend than god. It crashed again near the end of this blog post today (twice), but I’d saved nearly all of it.

Thanks to all the people who’ve bought my books this year, and all the other positive greenYgreyliens etc. You’ve made it possible for me to live the dream… while I’m in the greenYgrey world!

Humanity: I Once Described as Calamity

On humanity, I’d written that most people are too flawed to admit their own negative traits, which of course exacerbates that negativity: preferring to go deeper into those traits than admit their faults.

Sometimes it’s not what they want, but what their situation demands, whether to do the job they do, or bring up the family they have the way they think they must.

The same people are also probably the most unlikely to recognise the possibility of my (self-proclaimed – or its comedy) genius, as they don’t know that many other geniuses weren’t intelligent in other ways, such as day-to-day matters like looking after themselves and functioning in society.

Not Weird Enough to be Genius?

In reality, I’m grounded enough to question my own genius; as I know now whether I’m the greenYgrey or some other creation. Sometimes I think I’m not ‘weird’ enough to be a genius. In an interview I remember seeing with Keith Richards he said he’d stayed up for nine days writing some of his music. I prefer ninety minutes of coffilosophy!

I saw an artist being interviewed recently and he said he could only do portraits. If he was forced to do other paintings, or another job, he would probably be considered average or unintelligent, and a bad artist.

If ‘genius footballers’ such as Messi and Ronaldo were forced to play another sport, they probably wouldn’t shine. Moreover, even in football, any amateur could pass a ball past them, or a fast person can run with the ball past them. Does that make them bad sportspeople? If they were forced to play out of position, such as in defence or in goal, they wouldn’t shine either.

I think Coffilosophy is my perfect position, where I can shine almost like the sun, dazzling with writing philosophy skills like Messi and Ronaldo going forward, given the free role without defensive duties.

Image result for i want to believe imagesImage result for i want to believe images

I Want to Believe (little genius X Files reference) that XaW Files: Beyond Humanity is my pièce de résistance, crème de la crème, magnum opus, chef d’oeuvre, and last but not least, with particular relevance for the contents of the book: tour de force.

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Sunday Followed by Sun Day in the U.S.A.

It’s a double Sunday for some parts of the U.S.A. in particular tomorrow with a full solar eclipse. I wish I could be there, but I’m still in space of course. The Sun has invited me over for the day in fact, having an excuse for some extra free time from helping create and preserve life on Earth. The moon is a great babysitter in this allegory, as most of humanity are sorry to see it leave, and be returned to their single androgynous parent.

Don’t Want Your Life and/or Wife

However, it does provide me with an opportunity to prove my critics wrong, as they’ll probably think I’m bitter and resentful about it, as they think I am about jobs and women they think they’ve stolen off me, or beat me to, when I never wanted them in the first place!

I would like to be at the eclipse totality, but still hope it’s great for the lucky humans who are there. This post is taking part in the amazing event, rather than trying to spoil it, as some people without a sense of humour seem to think parody is always negative. Like the Simpsons, most of the celebrities I’ve parodied are people I like.

Travelling to Solar Eclipse Totality

The geographical line of totality eclipse is already busy with people greenYgreying as they warm up for the main event:

Photos, stories and reports posted on Twitter reveal an eclipse traffic nightmare in Central and Eastern Oregon.  Photo: Twitter Screen Grab

Solar Eclipse Amazing 

If there is a god, or gods, solar eclipses are one of its greatest engineering feats, with the moon just the right size, and distance from the Earth, to obscure the sun from our view for a few minutes.

Pre-scientific-astronomy cultures used to create many stories to make sense of the phenomenon, but now we know how it works.

If you’re observing the eclipse, be careful how you view it, as the sun is like the invisible god of monotheism, which followed it, being both benevolent (warm life-giving and vitamin/minerals creating) and destructive (blinding and cancer-causing), and I hope you enjoy it, and have ideal weather conditions for the special sun day.

Here’s a self-parody selfie from my last visit to the sun, previously posted on accuweather:

smartphone camera

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Guns N’ Roses World Message

Be careful out there humans (paraphrasing Hill Street Blues), especially those of a greenYgreylien kind… be kind to those who deserve it, not those who demand it!

Being the coffilosopher who created greenYgreyology I love both the above comments, and think they are both correct and viable.
Having been a fan of Guns since the 1980s I think it’s great that they are doing as well as they are, with Axl and Slash playing together, as jmapelian writes.
However, as Ronin writes, they have become too much of a commercial band for most people’s liking – especially considering their original bad boys street rebels against capitalist exploitation image.
Like me, Guns are now middle-aged, and I think they probably think like me. We’ve taken our minds to the edge, as Van Halen sang in Runnin’ With The Devil, and once you know how far you can take it, and if you survive, then in the end you know you have to get out, as Duff, Slash and Steven’s autobiographies say; and as happened with the 1950s Beat and 1960s Hippy countercultures.
Then the rebellion/counterculture changes with the generations, starting for Guns and similar bands with Seattle Grunge killing most of them off.
Now the biggest global conflict seems to be between Western ‘capitalism’ and Islamist ‘religion’.
So, I’m not surprised if Guns are choosing to support Western ‘capitalism’, even if it’s not what they really want, but it’s the best option available.
Plus, records don’t make any money any more, because of freely available music; as is the case with writing for me.
So, c’est la vie mon Cherie
(paraphrasing Pepé Le Pew, Looney Tunes hero, and another thing I like and share about Guns; they’ve never taken themselves too seriously, even if some of their music has been seriously epic)
and try to accept it like me…
we’ve come a long long way (Fatboy Slim ‘Praise You’) from Paradise City…
together… and apart… but always somewhere in memory…
for this post has been an example of Guns-inspired coffilosophy!

Pepé Le Pew.svg


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Take an adventure into my succulent world! — iArtichokeu’s Book Reviews

Today I bring you onto my patio, with a small adventure viewing my succulents. I love these guys. With their magical colors and majestic shapes. It’s so fairy tale like. Almost not of our world, but they are. I have been growing these specific succulents for around 1-2 years. Succulents are so easy to take […]

via Take an adventure into my succulent world! — iArtichokeu’s Book Reviews

Team GB Inspired by Team GG Memory?

On Friday I blogged that Team GB seemed to be missing the friendly rivalry of Team GG, which was disbanded because of persecution by those who can’t process parody comedy… or accept it anyway… even when it’s positive for their demographic… such as athletes winning medals! Then on Saturday, it was another golden night for Team GB.

It was reminiscent of the G derby Glory days. I saw last night on Codes and Conspiracies that G is an important symbol for Freemasons. I’m not in that secret society, so it’s an alphabetical coincidence rather than one of the other Cs.

Saturday Night Deja Vu

I, the greenYgrey, am still in space by the way, but I hitched a lift on one of the Pleiades meteors on Saturday night, and was delighted to see clear skies over Blighty and its close relatives, looking something like this greenYgrey land scene I saw on MSN:

Slide 4 of 21: Nope, not the real United Kingdom.

In 2012 there was a golden night for Team GB with Ennis, Rutherford and Farah winning gold medals, and it turned out to be another magical night in 2017; except this time it was to a POP (PinkyOrangePurple) décor, mirroring the change in the greenYgrey world; I’m not a part of any conspiracy there either, and they copied me if anything, but I don’t know if they are a-were of me!

G Derby Memory

The night on the track started off with what would have been Team GG on top, as Pearson won the women’s 100 metres hurdles wearing the green and gold of Oz, where Grey solo travelled for the second of the greenYgrey rambles trilogy. Then Edris of Ethiopia took gold from Team GB’s Farah in the men’s 5000 metres wearing green and yellow.

Then in the 4×100 metres women’s race, Team U.S.A. took gold before Team GB and former stars of Team GG, Jamaica; who didn’t seem the same without Team GG!

The same had been true for Team GB, but in the men’s 4×100 metres they produced a scintillating display of speed and style to take gold in the third fastest time ever.

That unfortunately meant that Hero the Hedgehog was knocked out of the Team GB medals, but I know it’s PinkyOrangePurple and philosophical enough to bounce back!

Oops, I must have been inspired by Hero there, because I forgot my books! Fans of Hero will probably like my books, if they are old and intelligent (comedy intelligence) enough to understand the humour; as I’m not trained in some fields enough to understand books, such as some sciences or occupations:

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